Live and Work in Ukraine

Hi guys,

If you really want to find a good wife from Ukraine without being scammed by agency girls, you just need to come to Ukraine and spend here a while. Of course you need to be free of work or have a distant job which can allow you to work from Ukraine.

It’s good to rent a nice flat with all the conveniences for several months which will cost you not so much. Just live here do what other people do, socialise with the local Ladies, go out to the clubs, cinemas, bars, cafes, just go walking down-town. This will give you a lot to understand Ukrainian Ladies and if you are ready to live with one of them. You’ll see the difference between the scammers and real girls.

You can also find a job of an English teacher which will give you a steady income to cover your expenses. Many English schools in Ukraine want a native English speaking person to work with their students. You will have an opportunity to meet people closer and even find a wife among the students.

So, if it is interesting for you I can offer the position of a teacher at my school in Nikolaev. You will have my assistance in everything, friendly environment and comfortable and easy life. So welcome to Nikolaev.

Write for the details to



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Marriage in Ukraine – Paperwork

Hi guys, yesterday one of my students in Nikolaev came with an American guy who had some trouble, he was looking for the marriage registry office in Nikolaev. That guy was going to marry a Ukrainian Lady and he brought the needed papers for marriage from US. The very important one was the reference that he isn’t currently married. This document was  certified by notary officer in US, but that wasn’t enough.

Just be aware that such a document must be apostilled. Most of the people have never heard of such a thing. Apostille is a special international stamp which proofs the authenticity of the document. It is given by the authorities of your State. So don’t forget to ask your legal man for the Apostille, otherwise you’ll waste your time, money and efforts as the guy I met did. Now he needs to go back to the US and apostille that reference.

And if you have any other questions feel free to ask me here or email me to

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What’s up in Ukraine

Hi guys,

You might be interested in what is going on in Ukraine now and how it affects the dating process. So this article will be interesting for you.

The people of Ukraine have thrown down the criminal, totally corrupted and kleptomaniac regime of Yanukovich. Russia realizing that they are losing Ukraine is trying to bite as much of Ukraine as it is possible. Crimea is lost and they are trying to destabilize situation in southern and eastern parts of Ukraine.

So these are the parts of Ukraine which are most popular for women search.

1. Crimea: The situation is terrible. Those who are in power in Crimea are of criminal background. There are lots of Russian troops, local criminals and uncontrolled Russian cossacks. They can stop you just all for nothing, give you a body search and take all your money without any explanation. And you’d be happy if you are only looted and not beaten by them. Current authorities hate anything connected with “the west”. Even if you are a Ukrainian or Russian or of any other local nationality being not so happy that Crimea was annexed  you can’t  feel safe there, so Europeans and Americans are in great danger there.

2. Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov: Now those cities are the hot spots of Ukraine. Russia is doing its best destabilizing the situation there. They pour these regions with their commandos, spies, wreckers. Each and every weekend is a dooms day in those cities. Stay clear. I can’t recommend them for you.

3. Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa: In spite of all the Russian propaganda and provocations these regions are quite calm and safe. Sometimes it is unstable in down town Odessa, where there can be some marches for or against Russia (the marches against Russia are more numerous and peaceful). But the situation is under control. So no problem with going there.

4. Kiev: Unless you are drunk, armed, waving Russian flag,  in Maidan at night, you can feel safe in Kiev. People are friendly and nice. Criminal situation is a little tense in the night, but in all other respects you will have no problem there.

5. The rest of Ukraine: No problem.

Any questions? Feel free to contact or ad us on Skype – englishmasters


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background checks

We offer you to get a certain amount of information about people you are going to deal with.

Background checks provide the necessary information to make an informed decision.

We know how important it is to feel secure about the people you enter into relationships with – whether the relationship is professional or personal.

We cooperate with local authorities and police to access the individual’s criminal record.

We can find out everything about your woman. If she serious, sincere, honest and really wants you but not your money.

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Foreigners Support Center in Ukraine

Our company is founded Nikolaev, Ukraine, offers a full range of services for foreigners in Ukraine.

Taking into account the growing demand for services for foreigners we created a support center. We are not a marriage or dating agency, our main objective is to provide assistance for foreign tourist and business people in Ukraine.

Our services:

We do our best to make your visit here safe and comfortable. Our prices are fair and clear. We do not take pre pay for most of our services. Our clients pay after they get a service.

- Apartments rent

- Meeting at any Ukrainian airport

- Taxi ride to any Ukrainian city

- Flowers and presents delivery with photo report

- Interpreting

- Legal advice

- Check of  lady’s background

- Rent of a cell phone with local number

- Sightseeing

- Teaching Russian

- Coaching local traditions and lifestyle

- Creating accounts on Russian and Ukrainian free social websites and administrating them

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Winter in Ukraine

Oops, it seems to be very cold in Ukraine now. I can hardly remember such a snowy and cold winter in Nikolaev and other southern parts of the country. So, coming to Ukraine don’t forget warm clothing and find a good accommodation and transportation. Don’t stay in the streets for too long. There are some people being frozen to death in northern parts of Ukraine. Don’t drink to much alcohol if you are outside. That’s dangerous.

Take care

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Services and Prices

* Guide & Interpreter – $15-20 p/h (depends on occasion) ($100 per day)

* Written translation – $5-10 per letter (depends on content)

* Translation of letters – $100 per month for 2 persons

* Phone translation – $5 per phone call

* Trip planning – $100

* Airport “Borisipol” pick up – $40 (taxi + interpreter)

* Accommodation booking – $20 per booking

* Mobile phone + sim rent – $15 per week

* Flowers & Gifts delivery – $20 for delivery + flowers’ price

* Transportation reservation – $10 for one reservation

* Woman search – $1000 for full range of search + $1000 finders fee after the successful result

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