Help Ukrainian army fight against Russia

Hi guys, I would like to offer you my assistance in exchange of a modest $20 for the needs of our army.

Every day we lose our best people who fight against Russian aggression. They are killed not because of lack of skills or experience, 80% of Ukrainian casualties are because of bad ammunition, and long distance missiles system that hit our troops from Russian heavy armament.

Our politicians and government officials sucks. The corruption is still bad. We can’t start a full scale fight against our corrupted system right now because we are fighting against Russia. But we are changing the system step by step. Ukraine 4 months ago didn’t have an army because it had been completely destroyed by Yanukovich.

Our people, volunteers poured millions of their own funds, enormous physical and mental efforts, their lives and health and our ordinary people, from rich to poor, started working for our victory over putin. Personally I am amazed with the spirit of people in Ukraine. I bet Putin just can’t understand how Ukraine, almost ruined, looted and mugged by Yanukovich, is fighting and can resist his troops. They have no chance in face to face battles. Thousands of russian soldiers go back to Russia in coffins. And we can see the whole world comes in one to support Ukraine. And here each of you can do your bit for our victory as Ukraine’s victory is the victory of western civilization over the mixture of communism, nazizm and orthodox chauvinism of this new Russian empire.

I’d like to introduce you this website

The project was initiated by David Arakhania, an IT executive from Kiev. After his visit to Chongar (in Kherson province) where the new frontline with Crimea lies, where the paratroopers from his home town of Mykolaiv are seeing duty.

David found them in a really bad shape. Most of them didn’t have the necessary equipment like bulletproof vests or camouflage gear; the items they were wearing were produced in late 80-s. David made a list of equipment they needed, contacted some other activists and together they launched “The 1st People’s Battalion”. Soon after that another activist from Kiev who was developing the drone for Ukrainian army got in touch, and another project was added to the site. Now both projects are already complete. The battalion of paratroopers from Mykolaiv got all the needed equipment and the first drone undergoes tests right now.

Crowd funding model for supplying Ukrainian army appeared to be really efficient, thanks to all who participated and donated. Right now we are having several projects on our site.

We are dealing directly with military units which take part in Anti-Terrorist Operation on the East of Ukraine. Once we’ve got the request from one of the military units one of our volunteers met its commander, together they made a list of the needed equipment. Then we found suppliers and calculated the budget. After that the project was added to the site. The updates on all the projects are published regularly including funding reports, photos of purchased equipment as well as some other news of the projects and updates from the units we help.

I can assure that every dollar will be appreciated and sent directly for the needs of Ukraine’s army.

Donate at least $20 and you will have my first consulting.
ORDER YOU FIRST SKYPE CONSULTING BY SENDING ONLY $20! Any question or problem you have about coming, staying or daiting in Ukraine. THE MONEY MUST BE SENT TO TO SUPPORT UKRAINIAN ARMY STRUGGLING WITH RUSSIAN TROOPS. No profit for myself.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes!

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You need to feel the scam

Hi guys, scammers can be found anywhere, both on dating agency sites and on regular dating sites for locals. The matter is in their concentration. And of course they have everything under control, a professional dater has her interest back from translators, agencies, restaurants, taxi drivers or florists. She receives your gift, but with it she gets her interest. Butthere are real women as well. You just need for some time to turn off your heart turn the brain on. A real woman will not ask for expensive gifts, money, will not get you to expensive restaurants, would not say that she loves you after two days of dating. Before pouring money on the woman you need to check her feelings. Just stop for a moment and try to analize her words and dids. An encounter in Ukraine starts with a coffee in a coffee shop, to the cinema, sometimes with some flowers (not for $100), no expensive presents untill you get to know each other well. And of course no money. Offer a real woman money and she will reward you with a deserved slap into your face. A real Ukrainian woman cares for you. Preconsciously she considers you as the head of the family and as the one who takes care of her children. She will never try to bring to banckrupcy her future husband and father of her children. A real Ukrainian woman is a very strong personality who wants to feel herself a weak woman sometimes. She will be your ally and your partner both in need and in prosperity. She will be strong when you need it and utterly soft and tender in love. You will definitely feel a real one and I can’t get how you guys let the scammers twist you round their little finger.

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Some words about women check. What not to do.

Hi guys.
Women check service has become the most popular service from those we offer to men. No doubt it helps to save your time and money and make sure the lady you are communicating with is real, serious and isn’t involved in dating agency business.
However I’d like to prevent you from one common mistake before you order this service.

Many of you tell the woman that she is going to be checked. You do it because you want to be honest and frank with your future partner. Well, I’d say it’s kind of silly.

First of all, it’s offensive for Ukrainian ladies if they are not scammers. This is the matter of trust for them. Of course they understand the reasons you do it for, but deep inside they will remember the insult. This is the nature of our women. Don’t try to make their minds and hearts conflict with each other. Most of them prefer being unaware. Just try to keep the secret.

Secondly, if they are scammers you’ll help them to get ready for the check. They don’t expect foreigners to speak and read Russian, so they leave a lot information at Russian-speaking online networks which can tell a lot of things about them.They can hide or rename their profiles at social networks, delete revealing information which they thought wasn’t necessary to do before as they didn’t expect you to be so curious. This will complicate the process of the check a lot.

I conclusion I can assure you that the check we do is very careful, thorough and absolutely unnoticeable and none of the ladies will realize she has been checked. So don’t make this mistake.

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Dating agencies, real women, way of success etc. (FAQ)

Hi guys, I want to summarise some answers for the questions I receive every day on my email.

1. Which dating agency cite is better and less scam?
I proceed from the assumption that all dating agencies are 80% scam. So bigger is the agency the bigger is scam. And most men I communicated with were scammed by on of the biggest sites which starts with letter A.

2. How to identify a gold-digger?
If you see a young, model type, beautiful girl on the website who immediately starts writing you nice things such as she likes you, loves you, wants to marry you, can’t live without you, speaking about your extreme good looks and in any other way flatters you, she is 99,9% scam.

You see that’s easy.

3. How not to be scammed?
Before you start the search you need to measure up your chances, to estimate the possibility of finding a woman of your demands. Dating agencies are prosperous only because they are selling illusions. You see all those beauties, lose your head and you want to be deceived. So you readily believe that all those nice words they write to you are true. Since that moment you are on the hook. You stop noticing red flags and go on spending money. All you need is to stop for a moment and think if it is possible to become such a macho that all those beauties have fallen in love with you seeing only your photo.

4. How and where can I find a real woman?
You can estimate your chances ordering a chance estimation service which can give you a clear picture of what kind of ladies you have chances to marry, or you can do it by yourself. You need to start a profile on a local Ukrainian dating site. They are mostly free and there are much more real women than on the agency sites. You can also use large social networks such as and

There you can meet women and test their real attitude towards you. And there you can find a real Lady to marry. Just be ready for the fact that not all the women who are young and beautiful fancy to marry you and leave their country. Most of them don’t.

5. Situation in Ukraine.
The situation is OK, the war goes on in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And I hope we’ll soon overcome all those Putin’s efforts to bring us back to the USSR. So no problem with travelling to the most of Ukraine. It is still comfortable and safe for foreigners.

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Why is Nikolaev so popular among western guys?

This question I was asked yesterday by a guy from Canada. Well, I can write a lot but this picture I took this morning can say much more than my words. This is an average girl for Nikolaev. Any time any day you can meet a large number of the girls like this in our city.


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Accommodation in Nikolaev – a hotel room or a private appartment

So, coming to Ukraine, especially Nikolaev, you have a choice. To rent a room at a hotel, or an entire flat with all the conveniences. Both options have their pros and cons.

Hotels in Nikolaev are not the best ones. You can hardly find 3 stars here and most of them don’t deserve those stars at all. The best hotels you can find in Nikolaev are Reikartz River Hotel situated on the picturesque bank of the river with the restaurants, a pub, swimming pools and the cost from abot $31 to 139 a night. I would recommend the Stargorod Restaurant and the Drunk Patric pub of this hotel. They are considered to be among the best places to have a good dinner in Nikolaev.

Many people stay at “The Continent Hotel” which is situated right in the central spot of the city Sovetskaya street. Here the prices very from $28 to 70 a night. Which includes breakfast. Not the best hotel in the


Other hotels to mention are

What you can get there is the roomservice, and local restaurants.

Many tourists though prefer staying in private appartments. You can have them in the very cener of the city. That’s an entire flat with 2-3 rooms and all the conveniences.

It can be from $20 to 100 a day.

If any questions about appartment rent, don’t hesitate writing on

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Designate Russia as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

In its unannounced war against Ukraine, Russia relies on covert operations which fall squarely within the definition of “international terrorism” under 18 U.S.C. § 2331. Specifically, armed operatives of Russia, acting under disguise, attempt to influence the policy of Ukrainian government by intimidation or coercion. They also try to affect the conduct of a government by assassinations and kidnapping, taking by force government buildings, police posts and military bases of Ukraine. This activity is being conducted on large scale and over prolonged time period, despite condemnation by the USA, G-7, NATO, EU and UN.

Accordingly, Russia must be officially designated as “State sponsor of terrorism”, per

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