Do Ukrainian women want to get married to foreigners?

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So this is the questions. Who can count how many people from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, etc. are trying to find Ukrainian or Russian women. I can bet much more than there are women who want to marry them.

Many times I heard that marriage agencies tell their clients, that all women in Ukraine keep dreaming about a man from “The West” and they will marry any guy who will come and take them to his “Western Heaven”.

If you ask – “Why? What’s wrong with local men?”  The answer will be:

–         All the men there are alcoholics, drug addicts, beggers, violators, tyrants and so on. They can’t support, love and care; Women want to escape from this damned country.

This is a big delusion.

I don’t say that all men in Ukraine are perfect. But the social problems here are the same as in other European countries. Many foreigners coming in Ukraine are very surprised. One guy told me that he didn’t expect to see so many males here. And more than that, he didn’t expect them to be well dressed, good looking and rather wealthy. Most of them have money enough to satisfy their ladies’ material needs. And of course most of them can satisfy ladies in sexual and social way.

So the first thing a man “from the West” has to know is – he is not better than locals, he has to compete with local men and it is a very hard competition.

Ok, we’ve just found out that you are not the One who are Ukrainian women waiting for. Let’s go on.

The next question to illuminate is how many Ukrainian women want to get married to a foreigner and another important question – how many of them want to leave Ukraine for another country.

Some experts counted that many Ukrainian women still want to get married to a foreigner. In 2008 there were about 60 thousand women, in 2009 due to the crisis – 62 thousand. Most of them are from Northern and Eastern parts of Ukraine, but the most popular cities for foreigners are in the South (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporizhe, Crimea). But only 40 thousand of them will leave their country and only  the half of them won’t  get divorced as soon as they get the citizenship.

Statistics shows that only 3 thousand got married to foreigners last year. And most of the foreign grooms were from European and Eastern countries. Only 9% of those women have a desire to leave Ukraine for the USA and other far, far away countries. So American, Australian, S. African men can try to find their soul mates from only 6 thousand Ukrainian women.

Another question that is coming next is how many men visit Ukraine every year to find their women. Statistics shows that about 250.000 man visit Ukraine “in private affairs” every year. Ok 250.000 try to find not just a woman, but the right woman among those 20 000 of real ones. It is very competitive, isn’t it?

Now you can understand why there are so many agencies in Ukraine and outside. Because there are so many men who want to marry a Ukrainian woman.

Now you can understand why there are so many scam agencies in Ukraine and outside. Because there are so many men who want to marry a Ukrainian woman but there are not enough women who want to get married to a foreigner.

It’s like a lottery, if you are lucky enough you’ll get the right woman, if not – you’ll make your contribution to Ukrainian Economics.

Want to know how to find the right woman? Well, perhaps I can give some advice

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233 Responses to Do Ukrainian women want to get married to foreigners?

  1. mark says:

    OK I am all ears. I was personally thinking of visiting the country myself, mainly the crimea area. The women are hot and if I score a beauty that would be a bonus. But I add I am there to enjoy the country and experience it’s culture first. Picking up a woman is secondary. If I find a woman to accompany me to all the touristy places then great. Looking forward to your advice.

  2. Michael says:

    my advice is yes find your soul mate and of course be honest from the word go about everything, i was and now i am about to marry a wonderful woman, we are very much in love, there family have accepted me to be part of it so now our happiness is in fruition. it takes a while, don’t just find any one be careful and if you find you have a lot in common then go for it. if you live a long way away, then be prepared to go there more than once, I am now in my second visit here from my country western europe and there will soon be a third and a wedding then we will live in Ukraine as it for me is a wonderful country with a lot to offer, growing everyday. with a climate similar to where I live now and the sea warm in summer as well as the outside temperature you could ask for nothing more.

  3. Joseph says:

    Well until i know the most of all those Ukrainian women who end up marrying their own man are always the most undesirable and unattractive women.And honestly talking they’re men aren’t good looking at all.Many ukranian women are always complainig about their men once an ukrainian woman told me that she never liked the men of their country because they are ugly and don’t know how to treat their women.

  4. personalguide says:

    Joseph, have you ever been to Ukraine?

  5. Joseph says:

    Ok Whoever you are let me put this way, first of this article lacks of Psychological, cultural and even scientific evidence about the real mentality of Ukrainian women and subsequently the problems of that country which during years has been affecting women’s life. I don’t need to be in Ukraine in order to know how the situation there is! Women are desperately looking for foreign men and there are many reasonable reasons! One of them could be because they can’t find a suitable good-looking man in their country which could give them what they really want in life and it’s not only money as some of them are also looking for but also to satisfy their sexual life because their local men can’t be capable to do it due to their Alcoholism and drug consumption problems which incapacitate their sexual life I’m not saying that all them have it. But it’s extremely evident because each time there is more and more young men who at the age of 8 start having problems with Alcohol and the national medical health society of Ukraine and Russia has confirmed this fact to be true and it’s getting from bad to worse! Not to mention that Ukraine is the second country with more problems with AIDS after Netherlands. There are 8 women for every man in Ukraine if you didn’t know this! Only 3% of those men have “Good works with respectable salaries” can find a girl but the majority of those who have good works are corrupts or involved in any sort of mafia. and the other 5 % of them are unfortunately unemployed who spend the whole day at the streets drinking vodka and looking for easy sex with their women without giving them hope of a better tomorrow raising a family or valuing them as women but instead of that they treat them as if they were sexual objects and even beat them, because their local men are lazy and hate Working I’m not saying that all of them are like that. Now did you know that every single day there are hundreds of Ukrainian women who are forced to illegal prostitution in western countries? And the average of that figure doesn’t stop to amaze me! Btw it’s really stupid the way the writer of this article says that “their local men can sexually satisfy their women” ignoring that Western men have more sexual experience over this matter! Once I met a German guy who told me that when he got there he get laid with 9 Ukrainians girls without paying a cent. How do you explain that? It’s really hard for women there to be part of society which is mainly domained by men with a very different mentality. I don’t need anyone to tell how the things are after all The Dr William Pierce used to be focus on this matter. And he was always right and will always be. So please next time you write something bring solid and coherent source of that fact before start saying things as you want them to be! I’m glad to know that I’m not a lemming who ended up swallowing that bunch of lies you wrote there!

    • Joseph needs some serious help! Ignorance should be his middle name!

      • Marc says:

        I was talking with a friend today, she’s a lawyer from Kiev and she has no intentions of leaving the country for now because she’s making heaps of money despite the current political problems. I asked her about the dating question, why Ukraine women would want to move away. She came with this simple reply : everyone wants to go to Kiev because in other cities there is little work and money to be made. So what they get is a lot of work but then they have to pay high-priced rents, and they go back to their families maybe two times per month so it’s not a nice life, and you cannot buy a flat or a house in Kiev cause prices are high.

        The second factor is that there are many men who die before the age of 50 due to heavy drinking, unhealthy habits as well as pollution in industrial cities which are numerous in the country. So, basically there are much more women in their 40’s than there are men, and women are afraid of having to be a single mother when the husband is dead.

        Finally, Oksana pointed out the fact that many men don’t want too much responsibility, and when the woman gets pregnant it’s not rare that the man runs away because he does not want to be a father. That’s why you have so many single moms in Ukraine these days. This is a straigthforward by a woman in her early thirties who has a somewhat cynical but true view about her country. She frequently tells me she cannot foresee any future for Ukraine.

        I was lucky enough to meet many Ukrainian women and discuss with them, I appreciated their honesty, their strong mind and their thirst for knowledge. It does not hurt that they are beautiful, too, and I don’t see the problem if they want to marry a foreigner. After all my sister married an American man, and she is not from Ukraine, so why should it be forbidden to someone from Odessa or Kiev? We live in a world without boundaries nowadays, this is 2014!

        I think you cannot change a country in one minute, the collapse of the Soviet Union was a bit more than 20 years ago, it’s not a lot to change a country, and all the current politicians were in the Komsomol, their parents were communists so there is still the same mentality of corruption and keeping the power in the same hands. I really understand why women want to move to other countries, if you see for instance how is an hospital in Ukraine, lacking so many things, you understand that you don’t want to get sick there. I’m sure this country has a great future, it’s beautiful and the people are amazing, but it will take some time really. Meanwhile, women who don’t want this life anymore turn to western guys. Makes sense to me.

    • John says:

      stfu with your stereotypical propaganda mouth.Things have changed alot since the soviet union era. (censored).Big mouth know it all (censored) .

      • Joe Czerkawsk says:

        People like you tend to react aggressively when they are in front of something which their brain doesn’t let them deal with, Due to the lack of working neurons which their tiny brain could not let them possibly produce..That’s highly understandable since you must be someone with an IQ lower to 70.

        I really find funny the way you wrongly refer to me as if I were a ‘kike’. Plus what propaganda are you talking about?

        Now my question is have you ever been to Ukraine?
        If there’s something with annoys me the most is the fact that the majority of these ‘men’ think that these Slavic women are at their disposal as if they were fresh meat to be sold to foreign guys who know little and sometimes nothing about Eastern Europe. I even think that you don’t know what the Ukrainian Holdomor was.

        Yes indeed many things have changed but I hardly doubt that you could know them. I was limited to say the true like it or not that’s all.

        I bet that it took you a while to produce such so enlightening comment.

  6. personalguide says:

    I have neither time nor desire to change your mind. Are you an American? I bet you are. “I don’t need to be in Ukraine in order to know how the situation there is!” your words. “We don’t need to be in Iraq in order to know how the situation there is! Let’s start the war and find their dangerous A-bombs” guess whose words.
    Another “smart”, self-confident, arrogant foreigner worth being scammed by agencies which invented the myth about “poor, foreigner-desiring” Ukrainian women and “drug, alcohol and anything else addict, rude and cruel” Ukrainian men. Good luck in Ukraine Joseph if you ever come here don’t forget to bring more money with you, you will definitely need it.

    • Lee says:

      Hello just wanted to put my comment in real fast. I am married to a Ukraine woman. She was 28 when I met her. And she told me the ugly story’s of how she had been beaten and raped by so called good Ukraine men. Also she is not the only one who has told me this. All her friends who she still talks to have told me the same story’s. It seem that in Ukraine women have little power to say no to a man if he is dating her. And they drink to much. I have been to Ukraine many times and have stayed there for a few months each time. I have seen it with my own eye’s. Not all men are bad. My brother in law is a good man and works very hard to take care of my wife’s sister. He does drink a little to much be he is not as bad as his friends. Even he will say that his Ukraine brothers have really bad habits when it comes to treating Ukraine women the right way. You can take it for what its worth but every girl I have talked to that has moved to the states says the same story. Ukraine an Russian men ether cheat or drink to much. If you want to keep your women treat them better.

      • personalguide says:

        So how many women from Ukraine have you met there, 2, 5, 10? More than 10? That’s your statistics? I’ve met a hell more than you. Thank you for informing. Why don’t you google family/domestic violence in the USA? Won’t you have any results? Do you have any idea about the percentage of heavy drinking Americans? How many fat and ugly men are there in the USA? Will your women be happy to marry 200 kilo mcdonald’s addicts? Should I conclude that all American men or most of them are fat and ugly chips and popcorn eaters? I have had more than 10 evidences about it. Should I say – Hey, if you want to keep your women, eat less? And what happened to your women? Why are you so desperately seeking for women in Ukraine? Have you eaten all fine women in the US? Who is to blame for the lack of good women in the US, hurricanes, George Bush, Obama, Iraq war, Taliban? Every country has its percentage of bad men and bad women. Some countries more some less. Even within a country. In Ukraine Lugansk and Donetsk regions are famous for rude and hopeless people, both men and women. Many of them, but not most of them.

  7. Joseph says:

    personalguide I thought that you were going to reply me intelligently but i’m sorry to say that i was wrong about it! I got a lot of Ukrainian friends who dsapproved and eventually disagree with your mindless Article which lacks of coherence…
    And let me tell you something which i hardly doubt that you could be capable to understand since you don’t have the competitive intelligence to do it!
    There are thousand of Ukrainan women and children who everyday single day are being trafficked to work as sexual slaves locked in squalor and unhealthy rooms because these poor women were fooled by ghost companies that offered them to work abroad and get out from that hell they’re living! Why don’t you talk about that instead of creating confusion saying things which are far to be part of the reality of Ukraine and it’s people.
    Or why don’t you say that the most of all ukrainian women at the age of 30 basically turn old unattractive and undesirable for their useless men?

    It’s obvious you’re full of hate against foreigners and you’ve been trying to alternate this reality with your fictious and patetic article!

    I loved the way you call me arrogant only because i cited real and rational facts! And btw i am a good-looking guy I don’t think that i’ll need money in Ukraine to get laid with any of those gorgeous ladies because some of their men look Turkish or eastern to me! But yeah in part i agree with you! money is important everywhere!

    Anyway personalguide have a nice day and please please stop dreaming welcome to our reality! I know you’re not smart at all but at least try!

  8. personalguide says:

    You are so smart and intelligent that my poor ignorant Ukrainian mind (of course it is poor and ignorant as I am a Ukrainian man) can’t compete with your bright and divine brain. And of course you can judge on distance about everything in Ukraine as I can feel your powerful intuition in every word you write here. I hope everything is OK in your perfect home country where every single man is just perfect, where no one is stressed, suppressed or depressed and where you can find neither sadness nor misery. (I just can’t understand why such a bright and top intelligent handsome model type alfa male is looking for someone in such a defective country as Ukraine. Can’t local women of his country understand and appreciate all his advantages or let me guess, this example of sophistication is considering Ukraine as a public house and Ukrainian women are just prostitutes for him? Oh no, how can I dare saying that!)

    • GAURAV says:

      ha ha well said bro good answer for the dumb american

    • Marc says:

      I have to admit that’s a funny response :) and I agree that Americans can be…how to say… irritating ! To say the least. But personalguide I think you are taking this too personally. I was raised in a communist country and I see how the changes can be very slow. It is clear that not everything in Ukraine is working properly and perfectly – well anyway where ? Maybe in Monaco it works OK and I’m not even sure about that. There are many challenges that are facing Ukraine (as some other CIS countries). What I think is that the people can change it, because one thing is sure, there is a strong will, a strong capacity to survive. Ukraine has a great potential, but it will require time to change, really, and you must admit that the politicians are not helping very much :))
      However the view that some Western men hold against Ukraine is simply stupid and even disgusting. I invite everyone to go past the cliches and discover the heart of this splendid people.

      • Manash says:

        Your words sound good. Ukraine is a country with great agricultural,industrial,business prospects. Moreover skilled manpower can change it’s fate.

  9. Joseph says:

    Look brother i didn’t even know you were a guy.Well it seems that i highly offended you by something i said this time,I didn’t have any intention to make you feel that way.But it seems that you also feel like some sort of indignated or mad by foreigners because they’re taking your women away and i can perfectly understand that!
    Although that doesn’t mean that all foreigners are Evil or that their mind were easily corrupted by sex!
    Btw I don’t use any Marriage Agency Service at all. What made you think that? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
    And please stop misunderstanding my words because i never NEVER said that Ukrainian girls are whores to me!
    Not all Ukrainian women end up marrying foreigners And not all Ukrainian women can’t be enough lucky to find a suitable men in their country! Some of them just can’t find a good man and stay single which is really sad as well.
    Sorry if i offended you but you can’t deny that i cited very interesting points which should have been taken into consideration in order to be studied and analysed as well instead of creating ficticious stories like that one you wrote denying a very evident fact….In other words i’m glad to say that i’m not a Lemming :)

    • James says:

      I’m 26 yrs old and I totally agree with the Joseph. He’s absolutely right and he’s such a wonderful person and I totally agree with him. I’m the victim and almost 40 beautiful gorgeous girls of Ukraine approach me to get married with them. I was so surprised that I was asking myself that am I the handsome guy in the world ? The truth and the correct answer is what the Joseph is telling on this forum. I work for UNICEF and mostly working on third world countries like Ukraine.Currently my region is Pakistan and Afghanistan Children. Why I’m on this forum is to find out the answer of my question should I married to Ukrainian girl of 26 yrs old or not ??? because she is very gorgeous and sweet girl I’ve ever met in my whole life. But my mother is not supporting me because my religion is different. She is Christine and I’m Muslim so this is the dead end for me :( but still I don’t know what to do ??? and I’m also from United States of America.

  10. Keith says:

    I have talked to many Ukranian women who said that they can’t stand the men in their country. They said that they are ugly and treat the women very badly. As far as coming to the United States, i have had no problem with the women wanting to come here. Maybe its because i am good looking and I treat them with respect. I haven’t made my mind up to marry one yet, but I know if I do, i will have alot of options. Ukrainian women email me every day.

  11. Joseph says:

    I agree with Keith! You’re completely right about that! During these days I met another Ukrainian girl who told me that she hasn’t met any good nor suitable man of her country! So once again this article is total disgrace!

  12. personalguide says:

    Sorry guys, I have my opinion and it’s based on my lifelong experience in Ukraine. Also it’s based upon lot’s of surveys taken by me. I can add that I’ve been studying this subject for many years from scientific point and, sorry guys, I think you are not very competent in this question. Before we carry on our discussion, I’d like to know how many women from Ukraine have you met so far and how many times have you been to Ukraine, and where did you meet them? I’d also appreciate your age and marital status.

  13. Joseph says:

    “Personalguide” You’re Ukrainian man, I thought that you have got the point but once again you failed! ” I can add that I’ve been studying this subject for many years from scientific point” my question is: What “Scientific” evidence are you talking about? You decided to use the world “Scientific” since I told you that your article lacks of Psychological, cultural and even scientific evidence about the real mentality of Ukrainian women and subsequently the problems of that country which during years has been affecting women’s life, So far you haven’t showed any so do us a favor! STFU…..Your point of view is totally irrelevant! So this case is closed!!!!

  14. personalguide says:

    I’m sure this discussion doesn’t have any point as you Joseph doesn’t seem to be a person intelligent enough to carry it on, sorry and good bye.
    Keith, still have some questions for you. Where did you meet those women you wrote about?

  15. Joseph says:

    Why are you so interested about knowing where we’ve met all those Ukrainian women we have been talking about? Why do you refuse to understand that I’m completely right about it?
    After all it’s just you who hasn’t showed any evidence about what you’re claiming to be truth! Now who’s the unintelligent here? You comments make no sense so stop wasting your time trying make us change our minds with what we perfectly know is truth! Do not answer his question whatever his say should be totally irrelevant to you! Just believe in those women who are usually complainig about their useless men! He’s Ukrainian and he feels humiliated after seeing how the women of his own country prefer to get married with Western than with their men! THIS CASE IS CLOSED!

  16. personalguide says:

    Joseph, you can close and open your own cases as many times as you wish, but here it’s not your case to order, so please, don’t bother me with your ignorant comments anymore!

  17. Joseph says:

    People like you make the women of your country look bad! So if you don’t want me to keep bothering you with thruth.Why do you keep writing your no sense comments? Do us a great favour STFU!

  18. Joseph says:

    As you wish.But your blog was already filth before I came here!

  19. steve johnson says:

    Joseph is an ugly stupid creepy troll. Probably lives with his parents in a basement.

    An American who lived in Ukraine

  20. personalguide says:

    Thank you Steve, you make me sure that most of the Americans are much more intelligent than Joseph

  21. Joseph says:

    I’m really amazed how stupid this so-called “Personalguide” is! Well it seems that your idiocy does not known bound,huh?

    Firstly I am not a troll as you’re claiming Steve! The fact that both of you are wrong is extremely clear and I can perfectly see that you both are not very Articulate at all to produce your own conclusions! That’s the only way inferior beings as yourself react when they see that there’s something which they can’t be intelligently capable to deal with something they can’t utterly understand!

    How many times do I have to tell YOU that this case is closed?

    Steven is Personalguide, You can’t fool me dude! But it was a good try!

    There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; The other is to refuse to accept what is true~Soren Kierkegaard….

  22. Michael says:

    i read all your articles with interest, however none of you seem to go there and do it. Do not just go there for your pleasure as I know americans are like that, haveing see from experience duing the war i Vietnam. Go there be honest with the woman you meet and if every thing goes well you will be very suprised and happy. i have spent in Simferopol three months staying with the woman I will marry having a wonderful time meeting all the family and being made part of the family which really touched me very deeply. There is one thing i will say you want to marry make sure your documents are in order, they must comply with the Hague convention of 1961 and be Apostile led. Translated or be multi lingual as most international documents are.However thios is how it should be, but remember the local registry office may want something additional like that they are translated to Ukraine also although being international it is not necessary under normal conditions. As far as corruption goes yes there possibly is however the wealthy are the ones in power politically and stay there otherwise they lose it. Until Ukraine gets political freedom then not a lot will change as only the people can do that.

  23. William says:

    I have never been to the Ukraine. I was planning to go in august of this year. I do talk to a woman from kherson, and I met her through one of the agencies. I didn’t know any better. It was a way of coping through my divorce. I know the girls at the agencies get paid, I am okay with that. I talk to her a couple times a month there. We email each other, and talk on the phone although my russian is bad, and we talk on facebook.

    I have been trying to find out as much information as possible about the Ukraine, and I have seen all the information Joseph and personal guide has commented. I am trying to make an educated decision on wherein lies the truth. I have seen Ukrainian men as Joeseph describes and as personal guide describes.

    She says she is serious about looking for a husband. How much truth in that I am still very skeptical. I enjoy talking with her, she is educated at Kherson State. I thought worse case scenario is to go, see the culture, see the sites, hang out.

    I have talked to other Ukranian girls from Kherson via the agencies and later some other vehicle, so I know I can meet other women.

    But these women are very cunning, and they are gimme girls in their beliefs, of how a man treats a woman in the ukraine. Have I had heated debates with her, yes. I have no problem telling her she is trying to be manipulative, when she is.

    She tries to play like she is poor ukranian girl. I respond by telling her I have seen your house as you run through carrying your laptop with the webcam still on, quit embellishing.

    When she pulls the statement that Ukranian men are not serious about marriage and drink to much. The drinking may be true, but i have seen Ukranian men in her age group. I find it hard that she does not have the pick of the litter.

    So what is the truth, I don’t know. I won’t know until I go. Any help you can throw my way. I would welcome it, because I am going in with friendly mindset, but my guard is also going to be up.

    • personalguide says:

      The truth is that ukraine is just another European country and the men and women are quite alike to other Europeans. The difference is that feminism is not the idea of most Ukrainian women (thanks God) and the men are pretty spoilt having the best wives in the world.
      William you are absolutely right, you won’t know until you visit Ukraine. And meeting agency girls is like a lottery ticket, only 1 of 100 can be lucky, others are just not real and the waste of time and money. If you need any help in arranging your visit or in personal guiding and searching a woman in Ukraine don’t hesitate to contact me

      • Ashkan says:

        Dear Personalguide, I am planing to visit Ukraine in 3 months later, my important intention is to find a nice and honest Ukrainian woman to marry her and then to live Ukraine, I would like you to give me some tips , advice and guideline that which cities are more safe, and cheaper to live. I will write you to your mentioned email, then you may kindly reply my email. My name is Rahim and the email Id is begins with the name Rahim. Regards

      • Marc says:

        Personalguide I think having you as a contact is certainly a great help for someone who does not know Ukraine. On my blog I recommend the agency Elenas Model but I got some messages from men who worry about scammers etc. If you are still in the business perhaps I could direct these guys to you ? I can write a post about you, or even better you could write a post that I post on my blog, for instance if you have suggestions or ideas (about travel, coming there, what to do, how to behave etc) and then the guys interested can get in touch with you and arrange something, after they have met a girl on Elena’s Models (or other agency site, but EM is the one I used to find my wife) Let me know if it sounds like an interesting idea to you – Marc

      • personalguide says:

        Hi, Mark. Thank you for your comments. Of course you can direct those guys to me. I’ll do my best to help them and answer their questions.

      • Marc says:

        Great, thanks ! I’ll write a post about you tomorrow and I’ll add a link to your site and your email and contact info. What about the pricing? The page “services and prices” is from 2010, is it still current?

    • if you have Skype ..please call me at rolex7401 I can make everything clear in your mind .

  24. HB says:

    I am Nepalese young boy . I want to married European women. who is to be a manicured. because Manicured women is very love her husband. and European is normally educed so I want married .
    if possible email me.

  25. cesar says:

    It´s all a big bussiness i have been scam, many girls make it just as a job, It is real they don´t want to marry a foreigner man there is a huge industry of scammers in Ukraine and outside, Something that its true is that women are beautiful but all is a big lie. So save your money and find a good girl in your own country.

  26. Joseph says:

    Cesar you should better talk by yourself the fact that you were scammed by some of them does not mean that all of them enjoy scanning men only because they want to know if thery have money or not! Everything depend on your look and ethnic background personally talking you got an hispanic name “Cesar” is not a white name! you got be hispanic in oder words you must be a non-white! That could also be a possible reason why you were rejected by many of those women! There are a lot of Ukrainian women with Khazar,ashkenazi and mongol blood those are not the kind of women who i’m looking for ! Definitely not! Btw man you gotta need some learning. I don’t deny that there are some women who are loking for money and there are others who aren’t but looking for a good man. Let’s just face it Marriage Agencies are not the solution! Cesar if you want an advice get away from white women and look for another beaner like yourself! And do us a favor STFU!!

  27. Hugh says:

    joseph’s another amazing racist ass-hole. “Hispanic non-white”? shut the up mother-fu.ker!

  28. personalguide says:

    As far as I can see josy is still putting his crap into my blog. It’s time to stop it. Go to trash Josy, that’s a nice place for you and your comments

  29. Rasal says:

    Hi..i m from BANGLADESH yes this is a good site and this will help to make bond and relationship with one countries to another countries.

  30. jason says:

    I have read all the posts and find everyones opinions iteresting. I am a 32 year old man who has allways been interested in the post soviet era countries.The big quetion I have is why would a women from the Ukraine want to leave. Also I am interested in coming to the country to take in the sites as well as meet a beautiful women, and frankly I find the agencies have a bunch of elderly men who are old and sexest parading around with women that could be there grandaughters. What I would like is to find a reliable guide to show me as much about the culture and take me around to the local hot spots. All I need is an introduction the rest I could do on my own, and if I can’t then at least I could see all I can of a country I have been intriged to visit

    • personalguide says:

      Hi Jason, that’s a good question. Yes, there are women who want to leave, but there are much more foreigners who want to get a U krainian wife. So there is a real competition between them. And the winners are those who are realistic and familiar to the mentality and culture of locals. So you are right, don’t go to the agencies immedeately, come to Ukraine and stay in one of its cities for a while. I can meet you in Nikolaev and guide, that’s what I usually do for foreigners. And you’ll see everything by your own eyes. When do you want to come? Email me

  31. datingangel says:

    I agree with personalguide that most Ukraninain women probably do not want to leave there. If they truly are university educated have nice homes and have raise their children themselves after divorcing (gee that sounds an awful lot like American women) why would they want to leave all that behind to come to a country where the cannot work for at least six months and then only after gaining American citizenship. Why give up jobs as Engineers, Doctors and Lawyer as many of them claim they are over there to do nothing but sit around for months? What truly educated woman would want to trade a good life for a boring one? Besides that many American men who are looking for a Ukrainian women are not completely truthful with those women. They make themselves out to be better off than they really are financially. The girl will come here and then find that the man is barely able to support himself let alone another person. She will have to work eventually and unemployment in the US is at an all time high in all states. Getting a job here when you can’t even speak the language will be very difficult and if she is University educated as so many on those sites claim to be she will be over qualified as many Americans are told they are. Life is not all roses and good times here either so if the Ukrainian women think that it is she will be vastly disappointed. Sad to think that they may be leaving good life to possibly be living a life much worse because some American man is not honest with her from the start. Many American men will lie to get a beautiful woman. For that matter I imagine men from all countries will do so. There are good honest men everywhere including here but there are also many men who are not so honest. The women of the Ukraine need to be aware that all may not as it seems here either. Many American women have divorced due to men who where alcoholics, drug addicts, sex addicts, physical abusers and verbal abusers. It is not the country that someone comes from that matters it is the ethics of that person that matters.

  32. Olya says:

    I just don’t understand what you are talking about.I’m 29,I’m Ukrainian (a woman) and I’m married to a Ukrainian man. We live in Kiev, but I was born in a small industrial town. I heard many times that I’m beautiful and very attractive. I think I’m quite nice and good-looking. I’m absolutely happy here, with my husband in my country.
    We are a developing country and we have some social problems (like low-level salaries and pensions, in many towns and villages poor medical support and so on). So, I think, that when you hear that Ukrainian women want to marry foreign men (mostly Europeans or Americans) you should understand that such women just want to steer away from difficulties (in other words they just want to live in more or better developed countries). I mean, it’s true, in our country some men are alcoholics and drug addicts – just like in any other country in the world. But among my friends and acquaintances a lot of men are successful, have good jobs, some of them are handsome, don’t smoke and so on. I’m married to an absolutely great man, he doesn’t like alcohol very much (I mean, sometimes he drinks, but it’s just for fun and it’s very seldom), he has never smoked, he isn’t fat or anything, he is well looking and intelligent.We have a lovely flat in Kiev and we love travelling.
    It is absollutely ok that people want to live better and more comfortable lives. Such a desire is “downloaded” into humans beings from the very beginning of their existence – everybody wants to live a wealthy life, have strong health, nice food, good clothes and convenient bed. To achieve this, some go and work hard, some take the money from their parents, some win a lottery and some (like several ukrainian women) go and marry men from more developed countries. You know, I wouldn’t mind living in a country like Germany or Sweden and I wouldn’t mind our country being like Sweden or Germany – in fact, I hope that we are moving in this direction. With very slow and sometimes stupid steps, but still we are moving and developing little by little.Rome wasn’t built in one day.

    • Olya says:

      Sorry for late reply.If you still need advice regarding city, I can tell you that you can come to Kyiv, but rent a flat not in Kyiv – rent a flat in a sattelite town (e.g. a town which is 15-minutes drive from Kyiv), for example in Irpin (or Irpen).You will live near the capital city, but you’ll pay much less than in the capital.Actually, Ukraine is a very big country and there are many cities and towns.Every region is different.

      My favourite city in Ukraine is Ivano-Frankivsk:it’s beautiful, the pollution is very low, the air is very nice, prices for real esate are fairly low, living stndards are ok, it’s very cultural and it is situated in one of the most wonderful parts of our country – one hour drive and you are in the mountains with fantastic nature :) So if I chose where I would like to live in Ukraine, I would definitely choose Ivano-Frankivsk.
      But as for foreigners, I mean, how they feel in our country- I don’t know. I know that when they come to Kyiv-they absolutely love it!

      There are south, north, west, east and central part of Ukraine.

      Western part of Ukraine is the closest to Europe, people in this part are mostly religious, very kind and tolerant and they like to follow the tradition,I think the level of crimes is the lowest in this part. This is very touristic region.

      Central part of Ukraine (Kyiv,Dnepropetrovsk and others) is the busiest.As I said, everybody comes to Kyiv to look for job and earn a lot of money. People are mostly nice here, because living stndards are quite high here, so it’s ok.

      Eastern part is very industrial and, unfortunately, polluted.I mean, there are a lot of factories there, so for environment and for people’s health it’s very bad.I’m talikng about Donetsk and Lughansk regions. Also, people work hard in this region, most of them do physical work, that’s why the level of aggression is the highest in this part. The level of alcoholism is also the highest there. People have very difficult lives in this part, a lot of men drink too much alcohol or take drugs, people have poor health there, a lot of die of cancer – all of this is a very big problem. Unfortunately, people are not very religious there.I mean, officially, they are religious, they call themselves orthodox, catholic etc., but de facto they know nothing about it. Because of very hard life and conditions this is the most problem and unfortunate part of Ukraine.

      Southern region of Ukraine is quite beautiful in many parts. The Crimea is a very famous resort with absolutely fantastic towns and cities. The nature and the Black sea is very nice.As for people I think that mostly they are nice there, but this is the part of Ukraine I visit least of all, so it’s difficult for me to say something for sure.I know that prices for real estate are quite high there.

      Sorry for such a long reply, but, as I said, Ukraine is a very big country, so it’s really challenging to answer your question in two words.

    • miky says:

      Hi Olya I looking for carryng lady. But I very sceptic about they honesty. ? Could you help me. I met one lady in I am 42 she is 39. Named Oksana from Odessa who claimed to work as bank manager down there. She told me that she has been left by her husband. Question why…Do you know what is salary for experienced bank specialist.
      Her letters are too sweetheart to my to be honest….
      What to do.

      • personalguide says:

        Hi Miky, why don’t you order the woman check service? Here you can find the details

      • Simon says:

        Hey Miky
        Here is my story. I met a young woman on an agency site, she was an angel for me and my poor mind couldn’t even admit the idea she might be a scam. She was so nice to me and seemed honest and geniune. Now I realize there were lots of red flags everywhere, but I was blind. She was sending me letters full of love and desire to marry me and picturing our future life. I spent $12 thousand sending her presents an cash, paying for her english classes. She told her family had health problems and they were poor to pay for treatment. When I finally arrived to meet her she didn’t meet me, she just disappared. No answer from her email, skype and phone. I was frustrated, my first idea was that something bad had happened to her. Finally I came accross a private detective on the Internet and asked him to find her. It cost me another 2 thousand. What I found out astonished me. The girl was fine, she had another name, another address, even the city was different from what I visited. Other girl got money and presents for her and they shared the incomes. Can you imagine what a feeling I had? Money I wasted doesn’t matter much, my time and efforts and my heart was ruined. I was really depreesed. But I still wanted to find a real and honest woman in Ukraine. Paing 2 thousand every time to find out about a woman I was communicating was too much. I was recommended by a guy I met in Nikolaev to contact personalguide. His services for women’s check are fast, accurate and of reasonable price. Every time I was going to do a stupid thing like sending the woman money or booking a trip to Ukraine I asked him to check her. 5 times I was told it had been another scam and my recent choice seems to be real. I met a really nice lady, we’ve been together in Nikolaev for 2 months, now we are finishing all the paperwork for her visa to Canada. I’m sure we’ll be the happiest couple ever.
        Check the women gyus before starting spending a cent and moreover before visiting them.

  33. Clark Kozlowski says:

    Well Olya to be honest I’ve never seen the first “Good-Looking” Ukrainian man in my life.Popleyou all should stop bullying everyone wants to leave that hellish country damn!

    • Olya says:

      I’m just shocked. You are such a pessimistic person, or it’s even better to say too sceptic.When you say “I’ve never seen the first “Good-Looking” Ukrainian man in my life” – are you trying to provoke me? This is ridiculous. So all those nice and in a good shape men who I see when I’m training in my fitness centre – they are just illusion?
      Of course, some men take care of what they eat and how they live, some men don’t take care of that at all. You shouldn’t say that “everyone wants to leave that hellish country down”- you don’t know what EVERYONE wants. It’s simple: if you have a good job and the money, you don’t want to leave Ukraine. If you don’t have a good job and for some reason you can’t find a well-paid job-you might want to leave our country and try to find a better life overseas.

  34. personalguide says:

    Oh yeah, Clark, all the men in Ukraine are monsters, come and save poor women, show them how fine can a man be!
    That’s not amazing that people of this type of thinking with all those stereotypes have the least percentage of successful marriage. The thing is they don’t understand that the reality is completely different from what they want to believe to.
    With every day the chance for a foreigner to find a wife in Ukraine becomes smaller. I know that well, I’ve been doing the woman search for foreigners for 6 years, 23 happy marriages is the result of my work and I know very well what it is to find a real woman who really wants to leave Ukraine and to live with a foreigner.

    • Frank says:

      this page has been the highlight of my day, amusingly so. however i do have a serious question.

      What are tell-tale signs that a ‘real (Ukraine) woman who really wants to leave Ukraine and to live with a foreigner’? Any tips?

      • personalguide says:

        Hi Frank, what is important in recognizing a real woman and distinguishing a scam lady is your being realistic.
        1. Age difference: if you are an older gent and looking for a model type young Lady you’ll more likely be scammed. Younger the ladies are less they need someone from another country. There are endless choices for them in Ukraine.
        2. Marital status: a woman looking for a foreign guy is usually disappointed in her current or ex family life, so it’s gives you more opportunities if you look for someone divorced with a baby.
        3. Money requests: a real Ukrainian Lady will never ask for money for any reason. If she does it’s a scam
        4. Real ladies will give you their email or skype to avoid you wasting money on pay per letter service or paid agency chats
        5. If the lady says she has no skype or it’s a problem for her to install it, that’s a scam.
        6. If the Lady constantly complains about Ukrainian men, blaming all of them to be jerks and alcoholic idiots, that’s a red flag, be careful.
        7. If she says that she likes you very much or even loves you in her 2,3,4 letter, sends you kisses, hugs and other intimate signs – she is a scam!
        Well, I hope that’ll be enough for the first time.

  35. Sveta says:

    You write nonsense. in Ukraine as in any country there are different women. someone wants to get out of love, and someone for the money. Yes, bad medicine in Ukraine and the government does not care about its citizens, but our women are still women who are feminine and beautiful and well maintained. Men have also different, as in other countries. There are good and the bad ones. need to listen to your a pity that foreigners think of our women readily available, I am very frustrated when I hear it, but we are all different and I want it all to understand.

    • personalguide says:

      Sveta, who exactly writes nonsense?

      • Jeffrey says:

        Sveta your absolutely correct i despise guys who think Ukrainian women are easy or desperate i am going to marry a Ukrainian woman in a few weeks after a long courtship,the women in Ukraine are desirable because they take care of themselves and are feminine and deserve a proper gentleman… Men never think of them as available for your taking .the Ukrainian women are wonderful treat them with dignity and respect

  36. Clark Kozlowski says:

    Hmm it would be really interesting to see that but as I can clearly see you don’t even show any solid or real evidence of what you’re claiming to be true. You can say anything you want because after all this is just internet! But that doesn’t mean that I would have to take it as if it were true! Because the reality out there is completely different to what you’re saying I am quite sure that that’s exactly what you want it to be like but unfortunately for you the reality as I previously said it’s just another one..
    In fact your words seem to be full of anger against foreigners for not reason! It’s really stupid seeing how you’re saying that
    “Every day the chance for a foreigner to find a wife in Ukraine becomes smaller”
    First of all I am not saying that I want to marry an Ukrainian lady.

    Secondly all my female Ukrainian friends are frequently speaking badly about their own men. And are usually complaining about being single. In fact I got proves of it and I could show them to you whenever you want!

    Third Ukraine is everyday poorer than ever and more than one there wants to leave that country which seems to be worse and worse!

    By the way three of them are already engaged with Americans. And I can guarantee you that they are not looking for money but for good men that could respect them as the women they are! I have been knowing them for a while dude and they are good women but I don’t like their physical appearance! By the way one of them Elena is also from Nikolayev. Once she told me that she was attacked by one of those worthless Ukrainian drunks fortunately the police came and did their job.

    Of course you’re completely wrong about what you’re saying keep in mind that Ukraine is one of the most economical stricken country in Europe. Everyone desires to leave that country. You’re words are telling me absolutely nothing you are saying things which lack of any rational evidence!
    In fact your article seems to be full of anger as I said before and you sound very unconfident as well.

    I am not telling you that you’re lying or anything like that but your words and your aggressive behavior are highly questionable, You’re obviously Ukrainian and there’s something telling me that you hate seeing how every day the number Ukrainian women rejecting their own men grows bigger and bigger, And that’s something you can’t obviously stop. Your inner rage and impotence are killing you my friend!

    But the funny thing of this is that you’re talking about culture The Ukrainian Culture. A culture which is clearly draining through the sewer. And people like you are the perfect proof of it! My female Ukrainian friends also seem to be rejecting their own culture. I’m not advocating this but I’m just adding this fact to what’s really part of the reality.

    Did you know that Ukrainian women are extremely mistreated in countries like Poland? for example

    Poles use to refer to them as “Brak blokuje ukraiński nierządnica”
    Which in polish means “Poor starving Ukrainian whore”

    It’s sad man to see that kind of behavior but that’s how things go.

    There’s something I want to clarify personally I think that there’s no need to fall in any personal argument which will just us nowhere but to talk as civilized people. Hmm it would be really interesting to see that but as I can clearly see you don’t even show any solid or real evidence of what you’re claiming to be true. You can say anything you want because after all this is just internet! But that doesn’t mean that I would have to take it as if it were true! Because the reality out there is completely different to what you’re saying I am quite sure that that’s exactly what you want it to be like but unfortunately for you the reality as I previously said it’s just another one..
    In fact your words seem to be full of anger against foreigners for not reason! It’s really stupid seeing how you’re saying that
    “Every day the chance for a foreigner to find a wife in Ukraine becomes smaller”
    First of all I am not saying that I want to marry a Ukrainian lady.
    Well sorry if I at first I was kinda offensive. It was not my intention to offend anyone here but to clarify the points which needed to be clarified.

    • Sky says:

      Even your words have no scientific proof…!!!
      Not scearching an ukrainian for love or marriage doesnt qualify that.


    • miky says:

      You are wrong we knew what Ukrainians are. People from western Europe dont understand eastern Europe… Whose woman who came to Poland they are ready to sold they sexy assex for money,,, They are name like this by own ukrainian citizens. But they do they job. I even respected it more then scams.. In my opinion almost all agences are forged and preper just for scamming activity. They used art official pictures as well profiles. Even of ladies from western countries. To search this problem is my hobby as well as sort of interest. Have you ever seen dating stes from the North Korea for example.
      It is impossible..In Poland and other central europian countries is one opinion, All ladies from Former Soviet Republics are scams and not reliable at all. It is partly belonged to they culture corraption etc.
      Not only man drink in Ukraine women also…I large numbers..
      Quality of life is different in small and big cities. What real chance that she going to find man from the west. Very small. What they do in mean while. Sitting at home and praying hihi. I am knew that most of them are married. Scamming is a way to get extra money to rise their kids etc. They realy dont want to go abroad. Why. The culture and mentality differences. Some one said for what is passport. You need money for travel anywhere..
      Money is the biggest issue.

  37. personalguide says:

    Clark, Can I ask you a question? How many times have you been to Ukraine?

  38. personalguide says:

    Speaking about proofs of what I’m claiming. Clark, after this article had been written I started questioning the Ladies on the social and dating websites where I and my employees usually search for women for my clients (who are mostly Americans). We’ve been asking 3 questions: 1. Would you like to leave Ukraine for another country? 2. Would you like to get married to a foreigner? 3. Do you think that men in Ukraine are worse than men in the western countries? So far I have results from about 4.000 Ukrainian women. This is where I have my confidence in these questions from.
    Of course Clark, I cannot compare my humble experience with your comprehensive understanding of Ukrainian women. Your understanding is based on the experience of communicating with an amazing number of Ukrainian women (2 or 3 by the way?). My understanding is based on 4.000 replies only, that’s definitely nothing.
    One more thing, you are writing about my anger, I’d say that’s not an anger, this is an irritation that is similar to the irritation of a scientist who is told by some medieval “experts” that our Earth is flat and the Sun is running around it.

  39. Clark Kozlowski says:

    Well dude that question was off topic, I don’t know if you remember that I’ve just asked you to at least bring one real and solid rational source of what you’re claiming to be true.And that way we could analyse it and study it too. Otherwise you would be just wasting your breath with things which are not based on any social and cultural evidence of what your country is living nowdays. Just saying to be fair. You want to embellish what you cannot and that the reality!

    • Olya says:

      Listen, Clark, I can give you “real and solid rational source” of what’s really happening. I live here – this is the best source. Where do you live by the way?I’ve read your comments and I don’t understand your point. You are talking about reality – how do you know that your understanding of our reality is correct?

      • adrian says:

        I find the attitude of many Americans and other countries to Ukrainian women quite depressing I have visited Yalta Simferopol I did meet any girls begging me to take them back to the UK or begging me for money or a free visa etc I did meet a few girls who where polite humourous mature in their manner attractive well informed in fact just like many girls in any country I met many Ukrainain guys who where not drunk hopefully drug free polite and sensible just like men in my country
        whats all this stuff about negative relationships?? most girls will marry someone they love others for greed others because they feel that they should marry for children its the same all over the world

  40. personalguide says:

    Clark, I’m a man from Ukraine, probably I’m not as “bright and intelligent” as you are, and I’m not that sort of “gentlemen” as you are but I will never let you offence Ukrainian women here. Any time you are in Nikolaev I’ll be glad to meet you for a confidential talk to make you understand what can be a joke and what is the evidence of an utmost ignorance and stupidity. I hope you are young, strong and healthy enough to stand our talk.
    Anyway Clark, welcome to the garbage bin, that’s a nice place for you!

    По-моему, фамилия как никогда оправданна в случае данного индивидума.

    • adrian says:

      I find the attitude of many Americans and other countries to Ukrainian women quite depressing I have visited Yalta Simferopol I did meet any girls begging me to take them back to the UK or begging me for money or a free visa etc I did meet a few girls who where polite humourous mature in their manner attractive well informed in fact just like many girls in any country I met many Ukrainain guys who where not drunk hopefully drug free polite and sensible just like men in my country
      whats all this stuff about negative relationships?? most girls will marry someone they love others for greed others because they feel that they should marry for children its the same all over the world

  41. JB says:

    Well reading all the past post and have been on many sides of it from being scammer by date sites and tour dating…. i then decided i wanted to meet the real women of ukraine good and bad. so i got talking to one women from Ukraine as a friend and went to visit. i met 2 none ukraine men one from US that has lived there 10 year and one from England been there 3 and from them got to know a few women there. yes there is at lest from what i seen in the place i was more men abuse there wife or girlfriends and not the laws we have here to stop them. but as any country there good and bad. really one must think you always hear more the bad stories then the good. I am maybe one of the lucky ones for i found the women of my dreams and shall be married and moving to ukraine to live there. yes i have the means to suppot myself and study the russian lang and the means to buy a home. maybe i am a bit old fasion but i believe that when a man marry a women she becomes his family. and is it right to take a women away from her family and friends? i do not think so. so i shall live there and we shall visit my country from time to time. if in future she wishes to move to my country then we may. but i will always keep the home we shall buy in ukraine there to go back to.
    and one saying i remember from my father as a child “ a women makes a home a home, cling to your wife and keep her happy“ and my parents were happy married 48 years.
    Almost every women in every country tends to get there husband to live closer to her family then his if you think about it… so if you truely want a women from ukraine ask yourself “are you looking for love? or just for the other beauty of the women? and what are you willing to do for her and less what she do for you“

  42. You are truly a good webmaster. The site loading pace is incredible. It sort of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterwork. you have done a fantastic task on this subject!

  43. personalguide says:

    Ashkan write me on my email and tell about yourself: where you are from, who do you want to find and so on

  44. mick says:

    Was emailing ladies on a ukraine dating site,so decided to visit odessa for a week, arranged to meet four ladies at different times, just in case i was being scammed then could at least spent time with a special lady (thought one would meet me) had all there personal emails, so first lady did not meet me at airport, cut a long story short none showed up, emailed all of them no replies, so i am a well dressed very confident 40 year old male work out in the gym most days, non drinker or smoker, went to posh hotels & bars etc, most ukkraine men were well dressed & seemed good looking well groomed, nice cars, yes talked to plenty of beautiful ladies, but they seemed to prefer local. men, who were not drunk or violent i was lead to believe. But had a fantastic week in odessa, weather was fantastic, people were great, loads to do & see. Going back end of july not to meet lady but enjoy the great country.
    So what i learned go & visit this great country & if you find love then good luck because the ladies dress & are beautiful but i would not go there on intention of finding love, hope i am wrong if you are going to visit..
    Good luck,

  45. ASW says:

    Hello all, this is a very interesting Forum. :-)
    I would like to say that opinions are simply that and not fact. To have a true accurate opinion you must visit a country with an open mind and respect. I have been to Ukraine now four times and met some lovely people. Intelligent men and women who are genuine nice people and made me feel welcome. It could be that there are scams where a country has poor economy, but that is not the fault of the population but the government and the history.
    Ukraine is a lovely contry, nice climate and yes, it is poor. But the people have a sense of humour about their difficulties and smile at problems. They are not obese and eat healthily. I can understand men with a poor future and unemployment take to alcohol, but this is the same everywhere.
    It is very competitive with these lovely women and they are not all available. They are simply women and need respect.
    The men I have met are good intelligent and mostly self employed and successful.
    If I was sure that I wanted to marry a lady from Ukraine I would deffinately consider living there. The people of Ukraine wish to leave only to see the world and have a better life but not necessarily to leave permanently. I fact I did not meet one person who wanted to leave. I did on the other hand meet a boy whose family were living in the USA for the past 5 years and they were wishing to move back to Ukraine.
    I am an English man and I like the family values that people in Ukraine have and unfortunately in Europe and USA we seem to be losing.
    Go to Ukraine, see for yourself. Do not look for women with an agency, just go and be a friend to the people of Ukraine.

  46. Christopher says:

    Hi Personal and everyone, I stumbled across this site and found it very interesting and helpful. I am an American man with slightly above average intelligence,lol. I have met a Ukrainian woman thru a dating site and plan to visit the country and her in the very near future. I did some research on the country and I find it to be a beautiful and cultured country. I will be going there with the utmost humility because it is the first time Ive been outside my country. Take care everyone.

  47. O'brien says:

    I need a good girl for marriage.

  48. Alina says:

    There are unpleasant-looking and handsome people all over the world. Sometimes we meet people who are not nice physically but have beautiful soul. So no need to state that all Ukrainian men are ugly and alcoholics. There are very kind and family-oriented men in Ukraine who still have saved traditions and Orthodox faith of our country. But there are few, as well as women. Too depressing that females in Ukraine have lost modesty and strive to marry rich foreigners in order to get out of Ukraine, Simply because of lack of courage to do anything on own way. Those women who say that ”our men are ugly” say so, because want to please a man they are trying to catch. Everything is simple.

    • miky says:

      You are right, they are bitches who would like sell they dignity for money in other way. Or paid by agences to do for some grants

  49. Frank says:

    Damn! I have seen few of the posts here and some of the most fired up/interesting from PersonalGuide, Steven, Clark and Olya. basically each one of you guys are a little right and a little wrong. This is my third experience in Ukraine and here is my understanding of the situation: Ukrainian women definitely don’t mind to date older man that are economically stable, family oriented and such. A lots of them want to marry a foreign man and i was explained why: poor job market, low selection of men and especially good men, alcoholism problem was the third one and the way that foreign trat women also!.I was told that the good men are already engaged or married by several ladies. Definitely there is much more girls than men. I am sure that marrying a foreign man is not the dream of every Ukrainian woman but there is quite a few that do want to do that..otherwise we wouldn’t have such many agencies and reviews and “talk” about the topic. More over i don’t see many polish Dating agencies or Czech or other eastern European country exception made for Russia and Ukrainian and down the line few others. I think we have to put all of this in perspective: Ukrainian is NOT a first world Country, it is low quality of life most of Ukrainian families, that struggle to survive or just live with a very modest standard of living. There are no jobs, even thou i see people driving brand new flashy cars all over the place (some wrong with that..). My take on the whole thing is: I have dated three-fur different women, seriously i mean. There are a good number of women here that want a change of life, not necessarily leave their Country, which they are proud of, BUT, a place where raising a family is not an every day challenge. I am sure that there are a lot of happy marriages but i see a and hear that a lot of women are divorced and left with kid(s) with no means to support them.Women also are definitely more educated than men..that adds up when they have to find a partner that can only grunt instead of having an intelligent conversation. I mean this is a Country where is by all means possible to meet a nice lady, younger than you, intelligent, educated and with strong family values. beware of the scammers thou…mostly in the big cities.ONE MORE: all women here take extremely care of themselves and are little vain…

  50. Polina says:

    it is really funny to read how American idiots talk about Ukraine :))) That why so many dating agencies in Ukraine are making money on you guys :)) Because you keep believing that you are best in the world and Ukrainian women are dreaming to marry you :) haha i have some experience at Dating agencies question, i might tell you that poor of you guys who believe that 20 years old beautiful lady from Ukraine really can not find a good man in her country :)) Darlings… I don’t know how old are you but you need to learn one simple thing… it is about how entire world work…. Ukraine or USA or whatever. Beautiful woman will never have problem with finding a man… not in Ukraine not in Iraq or USA(the most naive country in the world) Please American idiots… who had never been in Ukraine yet, and who base their facts on “A girl from Ukraine said to me that…”
    or my friend from Germany said to me that
    or i have met many girls from Ukraine who said to me that….
    Dear idiot… please when you talk to your friends or girls from Ukraine before believe to everything simply think what else those people can say??? You met Ukrainian girl in USA who told you that men in Ukraine are ugly… what else she had to tell you??? That I went to USA only because of the money and because life here is better, i married a man and divorced him because i needed citezenship…. lol You would be the first man who would beat her in that case ;)))
    And what your friends could possible tell you besides that he could easily get in bed with Ukrainian girl??? That he went to Ukraine spend 1.500 dollars on a ticket + 500 dollars for food + 500 for hotel and coudn’t have sex even with one Ukrainian girl??? He would be a man if he would say something like this. :)))))
    So my dear American idiots … . stop thinking that Ukrainian women can love you for something else besides your money ;)
    See ya! Your darling Polina

    • Frank says:

      i think you need to get laid. Find yourself a good man and steam off your anger. Believe it or not there are women in Ukraine, your Country, which apparently you don’t know at all, that want to change dating scene. I personally went there few times and i met few ladies that i have been dating for quite a few. Didn’t go there for sex tourism, which is very active, and i did meet someone decent that is not just targeting my money ( I am not rich). It is easier in Ukraine than in the US? Yes it is, plain and simple. May be because women don’t have higher expectations other than finding a good man that can take care of the family. It is just a mentality thing. That might change in the future when Ukraine will become a wealthier Nation with plenty of jobs etc. It is what it is for now. Women here have just good intentions to meet a good man with a stable job and if is foreign they don’t say no! Scams? plenty ,like in any other Country. That’s why you meet people in persona nd you decide!

      • Edgard says:

        Polina before start calling people you don’t know idiots improve your English which is highly pathetic. You’re obviously inferior!

    • GAURAV says:

      h aha ha ha ah a ha polina this one was the best one so far keep it up

    • Sky says:

      Good Reply….. You can also see more stupid americans …. how to talk rough with ladies…..with finding their faults….!!

    • It’s good to know the cold hard truth. Thank you miss Polina

  51. mudryst says:

    I’d have to agree with the writer. This is the first time I have seen some actual numbers. I have only been able to questimate based on the research I did. In fact, I have spent more than three and a half years living in Odessa, Ukraine, and I have tried to stay away from English speaking people so I could learn more about the mentality and thought process of Ukrainian girls. There is plenty more to read on the topic. It appears that our personal assistant and I are on the same page, but being that I grew up in America and have studied human behavior and the thinking and behavior or Ukrainian girls for many years, I can pick up this conversation topic and take it to a whole new level. Thanks again for a great article.

  52. Tim says:

    I enjoyed reading a realistic description of your culture, and the motivations of women who live there. I apologize for the conduct of fellow Americans here. Just as you admit you have your fools, we have ours too; except more of them, because our population is larger.

    Some of these men are probably here because local women in the US find them insufferable. It is a shame that you would be left with the impression that everyone from the US is like that. In truth, we have a very diverse population, and there are all types to be found here.

    An intelligent person understands that everyone wants to be respected. It shouldn’t really have to be said.

    I was raised under the belief that a traditional, monogamous relationship is best, and that a man should be responsible for taking care of his wife and family. It’s not impossible to find others who still think the same way in the US, but it has become more difficult.

    I appreciate the fact the fact that it sounds like it is still common to think that way in Ukraine.

  53. Terry says:

    Well said Tim, I am an older Canadian man 58,have been on 1 dating site I received over 300 interested inquiries within a 2 day period. I was astounded by the amount of young women asking for attention. I never searched for any women as I was overwhelmed and had to suspend my account. I found it as is stated many times here that all are beautiful with mostly wonderful pictorials. My profile clearly states that I’m not looking for a gold digger , as I don’t have any gold, yet interest was still there. I would really like to hear more on the scams from people and how to tell if its happening and what to expect, any sites to avoid. i’m on based in the USA. I am chatting with a few women and trying to plan a trip in the spring. Most of these letters cost $10 to $20 to open and read . It seems to me pretty expensive as you only get 1 letter for free. This is my first experience to any dating site so I’m a little nieve on the subject. I would like to add that all people in every country have their issues and every country can be a wonderful place to live if your open to it. Canada is an amazing country but it is becoming to expensive to live here as is many parts of the USA. I applaud the Ukrainians defending themselves in these comments, you should. Culture is culture and who knows their culture the best. Treat people with respect and people will treat you with respect I was told and believe.
    One last question. Are these girls on the sites paid to be on them and marketed just to make money from the letters ? (anyone have a realistic percentage on this )

  54. adrian says:

    Terry there are Ukraine dating sites that questionable and I have some suspicions regarding ladies who may get a commision to get men to write to them why?? I notice that a lady I was writing to ( I was paying a fee to open her letters) does not write now that I have paid for so many letters which allowed me to write to her personal email address

    Yet she was very enthusiastic and seemed very genuine when I was paying a fee to open her letters??

    Some Ukrainian guys I know said that the majority of these( pay fee for letters sites are just a rip off) be warned

  55. DeL says:

    I thank all the people here for sharing there insights, after reading all the info here, it had me questioning a few things.

    Firstly I was chatting with one Lady who was 40, I thought she was very nice and I told her that i would only chat with her so if their was a real chance it would atleast start with honesty. After reading all blogs on here I decided that I would create a new Nick name on the site and contact the same lady to see if she would reply or stay sincere to the original me…. You guessed it she replied to the 2nd me (without knowing it was me) and low and behold her first letter to the 2nd me was identical to her first letter to the original me..
    I have since sent a letter saying I will no longer be contacting her..

    Anyway I am not upset or anything as I live in the best country in the world (Australia) have a great job, and for what little money I have spent I can easily afford to write it off, and I am just happier that I really know the real deal as I woul have gone to visit Ukraine.. But not now.. I will go to a country where people are sincere and truthful and for the internet meeting crap I would suggest DON’T!!!!!!

    I hope that this idea helps some other men out there, I realise that there is the additional cost of buying credits under your alias Nick but money well spent and should you come to the same conclusion as me, you will be happy that you did..

    Thanks all.. Have a great 2013…..

    • Sky says:

      this can happen with anybody……anywhere in the world…including australia…..i believe so……But, I am sorry for you and respect and value your emotions…

  56. Alina says:

    DeL, I am sorry you’ve got such a terrible experience with that Ukrainian lady. The thing is that you may not even know whether you correspondence with a woman or a man. Most bridal agencies use fake profiles in order to deceive men and get money from them. That’s a bloody filthy business. There are more chances to meet a realistic woman on free websites. But of course the best way to meet someone is a coincidence.

    • Jack B. says:

      **** IMPORTANT*** If any of you guys are communicating with a woman sending you pictures that may seem a little risqué….. then upload those photos on to Google images… you’ll find out quickly if she really is who she says she is. I did it for half the girls I talked to and the images were of professional models… girls with nude blogs, playboy centerfolds… and so on.. now, they story is that most of these women are in fact pretty. They are just sending photos of the other women because they are afraid of getting their faces photoshopped onto a nude body, and so forth…. or so it seems. I communicated with women who turned out nothing like the original pictures they were sending me…but their real pictures were not too shabby either. Mind you, this was only after I gained their trust and exposed them in my replies…. Some of the professional models probably are solicited by a go-between to pose for pictures if you have requested a specific one… eg: with a striped zebra dress. The girl will tell you she has problems taking a picture or that her friend is a photographer and is out of town or something lame like that, and 2 weeks later you get a picture somewhat matching your request. Ask her to show her real picture the minute she starts asking for money to continue communicating with you. If you get stalled for a while…. then you know it’s not her in the pictures.
      Remember… .Google image upload icon…

  57. Spencer says:

    Blog site members, the variety of comments are all over the map with theory, testerone prowess, and not really understanding the need for human contact.

    First, women will always be whom they are, attractive, unpredictable as ever, and it depends on that very moment how they feel about a situation with a man! Next, men are the same, yet their primal function of conquest is more of a fixation with that infamous little head.

    Next, I’ve had the opportunity to live in Europe for a number years and business travel sent me around the world to live in many different places. With that said, I can share a bit more insight on women in general than most have commented. As a man of color, black African American, the context of my engagement with women has varied from curiosity to genuine desire for companionship. My European experience was a taste such as, Swedes, Danes, German, Czech, Dutch, Latvians, St Petersburg & Moscow Russians (no Ukrainians), Moroccans, and French. I mention these ethnic identities not to brag or to list them as marks on the pistol rack, rather people are people, we all have desire and need, it does not matter your ethic make-up, it’s all about the content of your character.

    I’m sure there are those of you who want to spin their story in such a way that states secular is better or best, but I’m here to say that it is not so! As one person mentioned many guys will say the grass is greener here in the U.S.; however, anyone who is up on economics, the world is in dire straits, there are not too many countries doing well in this economy. But let me get back to the issue of Ukrainian women wanting to escape their existing plight.

    I have to agree with the one blogger comments on this situation that people are silly enough to believe those dating sites and their reference to women who’ve stated irrational words about the state of affairs in particular country, it’s an attention grabber. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you as in the swamps of south Florida. The Internet is a vast cyber-space where no one can hear you scream! The old proverbial saying of “see a fool, bump his head” is so true, common’ guys when will you wake up?

    If you want to meet women from another country, get on a plane and travel there. If you have the resources stay long enough to meet the locals, hang-out if you can and see with your own eyes. What is it that you really see? Marco Polo discovered the orient by plying his ability to barter and trade for goods. You, the Internet chair ridden individual has to step outside your comfort zone and find that Ukrainian, go there and meet her!

    Much has been written about the saga of reasoning because you think you’re much better than the situation, well it’s an illusion between your ears. Go there and make yourself know, rejection is half the fun of getting to know someone. If I were paid one dollar for each time someone refused my forward and candid attitude, I’d be a wealthy man many times over.

    You can’t play the game observing from the sidelines….

  58. david says:

    There are always scammers out there and you have to weed thru them just like anything online, but if you find a legitimate site that scrubbs their members, you can find really nice women. I took these words, in context, from a woman from Ukraine stating her opinion and circumstance.

    Tetiana Vorozhko, a native Ukrainian married to a U.S. citizen, lives in Vienna, Virginia. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Ohio University
    It’s not about the money, it’s about partnership, writes Tetiana Vorozhko. I am a Ukrainian woman in a happy marriage with a U.S. citizen. Our story is a part of a modern trend. Many of the girlfriends I used to hang around with in Kyiv, as well as my own sister, are now raising children in Warsaw, Munich, London, Toronto, Denver, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles; our friends in the Washington, D.C., area are mostly mixed couples of Ukrainian women married to American men.

    Why is that?

    The reasons are plenty. In many comments to Alina Rudya’s article [The People of Ukraine: Part 2 — Women, Kyiv Post, March 12], both Ukrainian and Western men blame Slavic beauties for chasing the money. OK. Who doesn’t? Everybody wants better lives for themselves and their offspring. Let’s be honest. That includes the ability to buy better things and do more exciting stuff.

    All women around the world prefer men who make more money, the same as our ancestors preferred Stone Age hunters who could kill more game to feed their families. Even if a girl in love marries a poor guy, she still sees some potential in him. Nobody goes into a lifelong union determined to stay poor forever.

  59. Bob USA says:

    Where is best place to visit in Ukraine?

  60. Karin says:

    I am the girl from Ukraine Karina. And ridiculously to read me your understanding about the Ukrainian men: ) I am 30 years old. men grow in Ukraine till 40 years. girls it know also it as the Russian roulette of the girl marry at 20-25 what was lucky a question: )) and who wasn’t lucky: ) in the sexual plan at our men everything is normal: ) simply they разбалованы also got used after communists that the woman and for work goes and to children gives birth and borsches cooks, and we any more those we not mother and the grandmother kotoroy will wipe snivels and on a pot reduces, and it is necessary to our men such, their mothers such and look for similar that’s all is divisible: )

  61. Karin says:

    Я хочу замуж и не важно какая страна важно какой человек и почему я не могу искать свою половину во всем мире??? почему вы ищите в украине девушек:)??? да я хочу переехать мне надоели плохие дороги на Украине я постоянно нервничаю через это, но если мне мужчина с украины подарит внедорожник и я не буду замечать плохих дорог я не против выйти замуж за украинца:))))) главное чтобы заботился;)))))))

    • Sky says:

      translated:: from google translate ….

      I want to get married and it does not matter what country it is important what kind of person and why I can not look for the half of the world?? why do you look for in ukraine girls :)?? Yes, I want to move I’m tired of bad roads in Ukraine, I always get nervous over it, but if I give a man from Ukraine SUV and I would not notice the bad roads I do not mind marrying a Ukrainian :))))) the main thing to take care;)) )))))

  62. Tobias says:

    I have married a Ukrainian woman. She is the love of my life! I am 50 and she is 28. So its not impossible to make your dreams come true. She is a good cook, a good lover, and we do everything together. We take showers together. She goes to work with me and we hold eachother all night long. I hope that you too can find your soul-mate like I did. Thanks Ukraine for my love!!

  63. WaterlooGuy says:

    Joseph: YOU ARE AN IDIOT. And you are way too confrontational, so please calm down, smarten up, and try to listen to what PersonalGuide has to say as he really does know what he’s talking about.

    I have been to Ukraine a few times to meet the women, and most of them are just as stuck-up and bitchy as the women here. And I have met the guys and no, they are not drunk and unemployed, they have good jobs just like the guys over here in Canada. And yes, from what I see, there are 100 times more foreign guys trying to find a girl than there are SERIOUS girls trying to find a foreign guy. Even the Philippine women know that Russian women prefer their own MUCH MORE.

    I was married to a 21 year Ukrainian lady from Cherkassy when I was 35. . We were married for 7 years and in that time she had sexual affairs 4 times with other local Russian guys here in Canda, then she left me for a Canadian guy, who then dumped her 6 months later, claiming she was nothing but a SKANKY WHORE, aand that no Russian woman can be trusted. And yes, he’s mostly correct there.

    She never cooked, she hated it when I tried to make love to her. Currently I’m creating a loby group to create a new bill that will make it much harder for these bad women to make it here to Canada. Men are better off being alone than with a Ukrainian woman.

    • Joe Zajac says:

      Waterlooguy I’m perfectly aware about what you trying to say but that doesn’t mean that all of them are a bunch of skanky whores as you’re falsely claiming. Probably the most of them could be like that I don’t know. I’m not saying that I trust them since a lot of western Europeans and many Americans chose Ukraine as a tourist destination in order to satisfy their sexual appetite and that’s something we can’t deny since there’re solid evidence about it.

      Now the worst thing you could have ever done in your life was to trust someone who’s infinitely younger than you. If you’re the kind of guy who spend the whole day in front of your TV with a KFC pack next to you rather than reading a book, exercising and eating fruit, then the probabilities you find a good faithful lady are extremely low.

      You need to take into consideration psychological and social issues before start blaming a whole nation by your misfortune which you’d experienced with that lady who was used to cheated on you.

      I didn’t want to continue arguing in this forum but then I’ve got a E-mail where someone was recalling my name and I thought that this could be a nice opportunity to straight things out.

      And honestly I don’t want to fall into confrontation with personal guide at any instance. And if I were Ukrainian I’d certainly be extremely mad because my comments were kinda offensive and humiliating as well. Sorry for that really.

      • Really men choose to go here to fill their sexual appetite, your a clown.. The only woman that are going to just sleep with men are prostitutes you moron, show us the evidence what is it some std’s

    • Who are you to make it harder for woman to go to Canada

      • Pedro says:

        Ay caramba Jimmy you’re gringo but you definitely need help with your shitty English grammar, comprende? you’re very dumb you got not working neurons, first get a brain before submitting anything.

  64. guga kuerten says:

    Dear personalguide,
    i am a 36 year old spanish man…i knew ukranian girl(22) 3 months ago…and i have come to kiev to meet her
    3 times so far.i think she is from good family,good family values,religious,she goes to university,she has no problem of money…sometimes i think what she likes of me? Because i think she could have any man…but i am really in love with her…she looks like interested in me sometimes but she doesnt want to come to my country yet(for holiday) and she doesnt want to share apartment yet inour meetings in kiev…i am very afraid if she uses me and i would do anything for her if i am sure she is not gonna use me…anyone can help me?

    • personalguide says:

      Hi Luis,
      I think it is 80 per cent that she uses you. There are a lot of women in Ukraine who use foreigners as additional income source and a way of entertainment. You come and pay for her entertainment, shopping, going out, etc. You give her expensive presents and after all she kisses you good bye and says that she is still interested in you and your relationships might have some happy ending. So men usually end up coming to meet such ladies and spend their time and waste their money all for nothing, not even just sex or a good kiss. Well there is a possibility that she is real and interested in you, But what is more probable that she has a boyfriend who she loves or even a husband and you have no chance with her. I would suggest you to be very careful. But if you really love her and there is still a chance that she is serious, the only way to find it out is to check her identity, intentions and being a scammer.

    • Jaime says:

      hola luis,

      me llamo Jaime y creo que estoy en la misma situación que tú. he conocido a una chica en Kiev y me gusta mucho. pero tampoco sé si me está usando.

      ¿ cómo te resultó tu relación finalmente?

    • Aly Ahmed says:

      100 % she is using you, i have a bad expericence of that and i have been there many times

  65. nardoreventon says:

    I am: ” nardo reventon”.. I am from Saudi Arabia (k.s.a.) from riyadh a cabital city..
    I want told every one here thats words: I respect any person in this country (ukrania) also.. I wish to get a marriage a wonderful lady from it.. big kiss from my country for all the ukrainian people. Peas

  66. nardoreventon says:

    Can you give me a local website or agency in Ukraine that’s I can found and a get a real wife and wonderful lady?

  67. This case is not closed.. Joseph is right about many things.. Yes yes I am American.
    Lest be serious here. Culturally yes we are different, that in itself is not easy. Imagine even as a man how hard it would be to just move to Ukraine and try to live with some woman’s family.
    Don’t believe the false statistic that there are 8 woman to 1 man that is not true. These woman don’t just want security, they want a man who is sexy for them. They don’t just want a man who has puppy dog love for them, they want a man they can love. Money does not buy love. They don’t want a old man either don’t be fooled. They want good looking, secure men that can fully understand them and have a completely mutual relationship. Your not going to own these woman in fact most will manipulate you. If you can’t find and have no success with woman in your own country don’t even think of pursuing Ukraine women.
    It makes me sick that Americans think they can just go to another country and because they are American all the woman will want them.. I guaranty you can find some prostitues and then you can go back home tell everyone how many woman you slept with but your friends won’t know the truth that you just banged a bunch of prostitues. Good luck losers

    • I am sorry I meant the guide is right and Joseph is another ignorant tool just like most men that seek foreign woman. I am sorry when I met my woman I was not seeking a foriegn woman I just met one and ended up being with her. I had been with plenty of woman in my own country and never had any trouble finding a woman in my own country. I admit I like my woman I have now more than I liked anyone before.. Wish you all luck cause your going to need it

      • Oscar says:

        Are you affected in the head? because you sounds as such, I don’t know but you sound as if you had had a lot of bad experiences in your life….

  68. says:

    Women are women the world round! There isnt much more to be said at all.

    • Oscar says:

      The majority of all men here sound as if they were just another bunch of useless idiots who do not even care about going to the gym or taking care of their physical appearance so please don’t pretend that any of these ladies would pleasantly go to the bed with anyone of you belly losers!

  69. Khadir says:

    I have ukraine girlfriend asked me marry her and she is calme and i love her very much i live in uk can you give me same good information please.

  70. Markus Stanovich says:

    Great blog

  71. LawrenceH says:

    I am an American guy in his mid-40s. I am tall, good-looking, and make a lot of money ($500k per year). After dating and dating endless American bitches, I got online, and met and married a Filipino girl 14 years younger than me. She is beautiful, educated, extremely talented (ex-professional ballet dancer, and amazing ex-professional singer), speaks fluent English, and can cook like you have no idea.

    She worships me, takes excellent care of me, she is feminine, libertarian, hates American feminism, loves sex, and thinks that American women are the fucking devil. She is truly a magnificent catch.

    Having said that, there are COUNTLESS Filipino girls on dating sites who will steal you blind and have NO INTENTION of leaving the Philippines. In fact, my wife hated leaving. I send her home once or twice a year for 2-4 months out of the year. She loves it. In fact, I go there with her for parts of her trip, because I love it there, too. I also send her over for that much time each year in order for our kids to learn Filipino culture and language, and to get to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc.

    But the fact remains that if you marry a Filipino girl, for example, and have no intention of allowing her to maintain a close connection with her friends and family back home, you are cheating her out of her relationships, and almost guaranteeing the demise of your marriage. Furthermore, if you have ANY ideation that you will be able to marry a foreign girl, bring her home to your western country, and mould her into an American/Canadian/Aussie/Brit/Kiwi woman, you are DREAMING. Cultural roots cannot be uprooted! Be VERY well-prepared for a multi-cultural relationship. It is more work, more challenging, BUT far more interesting, as well. Nevertheless, it takes a very special guy to do that. I have traveled the world (over 20 different countries on 4 different continents), I am bi-lingual (also fluent in Spanish) and I have a much different perspective than most American guys, whose only experience in international travel is crossing the Mexican border into Boystown for a weekend of chasing hookers. Most American guys totally lack the background to be able to handle a foreign wife, quite frankly.

    I cannot speak about other western men, except maybe Canadians, who are similar (but NOT the same) to American men. But American men, generally speaking, are stupid and extremely naive. They are dumb enough to watch the news (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, take your pick), and actually believe the American-centric nonsense they watch. They also believe that America is the “greatest country”, and that our culture is the best culture, and that our economy is the best economy, and that the whole world looks to us as the leader of the world.

    American men need to understand that the world now has this wonderful thing called the INTERNET, and the rest of the world is far better informed about the realities of America, than most Americans are themselves. The mythology of “the American way of life” and “the American dream” is most thoroughly believed by Americans themselves. The rest of the world has already woken up. America is in a steep decline, both economically and culturally, and the rest of the world knows it. American men were highly desired around the world 50 years ago. Not so much any more. Sorry guys. We blew it.

    Worst of all, if you are an American guy, you are stuck in a country full of obese, ugly, bitchy women, who are the biggest gold-diggers on the planet, AND, at the same time, the women in other countries really don’t want you, for the most part. They want your money, of course, but, YOU? Not really. But they know that they can put their pictures online, write some B.S. in their profile, and that you will be dumb enough to send them money.

    The area of the U.S. where I live has a HUGE Russian population. It is so funny to see all of the Russian girls who come here on fiancee visas, get married, and dump their American husbands a couple of years later, once they have scored citizenship. There are huge enclaves of Russians, and they all know the scam. I have met several of the Russian guys who have told me all about it. The girls get their citizenships, and then bring their Russian husbands over to the U.S. The unsuspecting American dupe never even knew she was married.

    The physical beauty of Ukrainian and Russian women (Ukrainian in particular) is truly astounding. These are some of the best genes in the world, no doubt. But the cultural realities very quickly put those gorgeous models into perspective. Are there some who genuinely want to marry a western guy? Of course! There will always be that 2% or 3% who want to leave their country. That is true of ALL countries. There will always be that 2% or 3% who want to marry outside of their culture or race. That will always exist. But if you think that all of the hot women on these dating sites are a part of that 2% or 3%, you are insane!! Most of those women are gold diggers and are NOT sincere!! It is the same on the Filipino dating sites, as well.

    I can tell you this: In the Philippines, the men really ARE lazy, rude, crude, treat women like shit, they are mostly uneducated, etc. No question that a Filipino women would be MUCH better off with a western guy, and believe me, if you are a good-looking white guy on a tour of the Philippines, while you are there, you will be hit on, stared at, ogled, and flirted with, non-stop. I am not kidding. It is surreal. But that doesn’t change the fact that, when it comes down to brass tacks, most of these girls will NOT sleep with you, they will not date you, and they will certainly not marry you. I don’t think any country would present a western guy with a better opportunity to score a hot wife than the Philippines, and it is still downright difficult to find a girl with whom you can fall madly in love, where she has tons of things in common with you, and yet is still willing to leave her country for you.

    How much harder to find a girl like that in the Ukraine? If you think the Ukraine is poor, I will take you on a tour of the Philippines, and show you POOR. I have been to the Philippines 16 times in the past 9 years, and have traveled throughout that country extensively. Trust me when I tell you that it is a VERY poor country. A lot of manufacturing is leaving China now, and heading to Viet Nam, Philippines, etc., because wages are cheaper in these other countries than in CHINA. You cannot imagine what you can hire out in the Philippines, and how little you will pay. Things like concrete work, for example. I poured a driveway that was 15 feet wide, by 25 feet long. My total cost was $600, for supplies and labor. It took 3 guys three 12-hour days to get the job done, and they did a splendid job. That price also included a walkway from the driveway to the front door of our home in the Philippines. The walkway is 3 feet by 20 feet long.

    This is a terribly poor country, and I can assure anyone reading this, that the men in the Philippines make the men in the Ukraine look like knights in shining armor. Filipino men are largely worthless. Yet, again, good luck finding a Filipino girl with whom you are truly compatible, and who will be willing to leave her home to be with you, living half-way around the world. And YES, my wife’s family back home has DSL, and they communicate DAILY by Skype, and iChat. They video chat and everything else, but it is not the same as being there. Thus, we are there once or twice a year.

    If you can’t afford to do that, I highly recommend that you not bother trying to score a foreign bride, UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LIVE IN HER COUNTRY WITH HER, LEARN HER LANGUAGE, AND HER CULTURE.

    Culturally, the U.S. is a piece of shit. Maybe leaving the country will be the best bet for many of you. If you truly want a traditional wife, i.e., a woman who knows her role in a marriage and does NOT want to be the man (unlike 99% of all American women, and most western women), the best bet may be to leave the U.S. (or your respective countries), and live elsewhere with a much better woman in a much better culture. Feminism and unlimited faith in government has absolutely ruined western culture. This is why you are a man looking at pictures of beautiful Ukrainian women, dreaming about having a wife who is feminine, traditional, and who also happens to be a runway model. Your country’s rotting feminist culture has run you out of your own country, forcing you to look for love elsewhere.

    Have you met any guys here in the U.S. who have scored a hot runway model wife from the Ukraine? I’d love to see one, where the marriage lasts for more than 2-3 years. I’d love to see some of the kids from these runway models and their American husbands. Most will NEVER have kids with you, because they don’t intend to stay married to you!

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are a couple of marriages like that out there, between American guys and Ukrainian women. But they are VERY exceptional. You will find countless more marriages like mine (white guy, Filipino wife), where the couple is still together 6, 7, 9, 10 years later, and with kids, too. But even my situation is pretty rare.

    When I was 23 years old, I rented a room in a really nice house of a rich guy who was 49, who was married to a Russian girl who was 32. They had been married for 3 years. They were fighting nearly every day, and she finally left him after I had been there for a couple of months. The guy told me that she had suddenly gone from being a sweet, nice girl, to outright picking fights with him over nothing, continuously. He was baffled. In the end, they divorced, and she got a lot of money out of him in the divorce, plus, she had scored her U.S. citizenship. I do not know what she did after that. All that I DO know was that this guy was not bad looking, he was VERY wealthy, he was VERY considerate, respectful, and loving to his wife, and she treated him like DOGSHIT. She was NOT a runway model, by the way. She was average looking, but did have a pretty nice body. They lived in a beautiful house just off of the coast of Florida’s Treasure Coast. Beautiful area to live in. She did not want kids, and she was obviously not there for the long-haul, by any stretch of the imagination. That was 23 years ago. How much worse is it now, boys?

    The best thing that we U.S. men could possibly do, is to REFUSE to marry American women, and treat them like the whores that they are. That is the only way we can take our culture back, and beat those cunts into submission.

  72. Jack B. says:

    Ummm.. I’m going to Donetsk and then to Lugansk next month to see a girl… I think she likes me, she seems into me. we’re just beginning to Skype each other. If I put some effort into it… I could get lots of dates over here Stateside… but I don’t want to be made to jump through hoops of fire like a trained circus animal… this is what the Domestic women of the U.S. want from a guy… plus I’m a Non-Hispanic, Non-black ethnic minority… (non-muslim South Asian). I personally like white women, but they think I’m something that I’m not at first glance…they’re mostly prejudice… not racist… just prejudice. So I don’t even approach them anymore. I got a lot of attention in College in my college class in Kansas, and I missed some great opportunities to meet women because I had my head to much in the books… but now after being divorced twice from women of my own ethnic background…. I just do not want to look at women from my Native country or from the U.S. I’m going to Ukrine not knowing what to expect, but if I am lucky enough to hit it off with this girl… I am making sure to learn Russian. I’ve already been learning for over 3 months and have a good working knowledge of basic phrases… I think it’s the least you can do if a woman might be ready to leave her home and family behind… at least you could learn the language there… I’m looking forward to learning Russian from REAL everyday, people in Eastern Ukraine, and seeing the bad spots of the cities as well as the good spots… hopefully with a sweet lady who wants to walk arm-in-arm with me…
    “God gave beauty and brains to the women of Eastern Europe, everywhere else he just gave them the ability to make opinions”.

  73. Steve Griffin says:


    I have read all these posts and must comment. I have been to the Ukraine three times and dated several women who say they want to be married and move to the U.S. I get 50 emails a day and all are beautiful women. I have worked the letters down to a few from which I have limited to one and met her twice and talk to her daily for 6 months. She is beautiful and sincere in my opinion. She is willing to sign a per-nuptual and pay her own way to the U.S. to get married.

    I have had women try to scam me and I have had nice women who were a joy to be with. I have been using a dating agency for over a year.

    As I mentioned I have women who I have been writing for a long time, met them and had dinner with them, and narrowed my search down to one. I think if you are very careful and take many trips the scammer quickly separate from the women who are sincere in their wishes. But it takes time and a lot of exchanges in letters, webcam, and visits.

    As far as the many insults in the blog it makes me sad. The conversations do not have to go that way. I am an older educated American and do not consider myself any better or worse than any Ukrainian man. I did see a lot of alcohol consumption while I was there. And alcohol is a problem there as well as the U.S. I saw the same thing in Japan.

    I NEVER saw a Ukrainian woman with bruises or any sign of abuse. I did hear a lot of stories about alcohol, abuse, and cheating.

    Most of the women I dated and met were 35 and over. I did not date any women below that age group. They always presented themselves very well and where polite. I was never asked to buy them anything other than dinner.

    I think my experiences were not typical because I 1.did not date very young women, 2. dated only women with at least one child, 3. made it clear our relationship would take time and I was not in a hurry, 4. made it clear she would pay her own way over to the U.S. if our relationship went that far.

    This approach limited the scammers because they do not like these 4 approaches. I am going over again in the fall to meet the one woman I think is sincere and meet her family. I expect her to come over in 2014 after a year of talking, meeting, and discussing our relationship and our affections for each other.

    I enjoyed every trip to the Ukraine. I took bus trips, met many Ukrainians and found them to be wonderful people. The country is culturally rich and a WONDERFUL country to visit. I would move there and retire if given the opportunity. I say this because family is number one to these people. They are very focused on family and it is a joy to experience after being married in the U.S. and divorced too.

    In any case please feel free to write me. I will respond to all emails but will not engage in culture or country slamming.

    If you want to write me and ask any questions I can be reached at

    • Jack B. says:

      You told the ladies that THEY would have to pay their way to the US?? That’s a long stretch… especially if you are seeing women who already have kids. Considering the average monthly salary of a Ukrainian lady is around $300… how do you think she’ll be able to afford all the other expenses involved in the Immigration process, never mind the airfare for her and her child. If she had access to that kind of money, she’d probably just try to find a man from Europe or even closer…. I’d be delighted to hear about how you pull this one off….

      • Steve Griffin says:

        Hi Jack,

        My comment didn’t stick to your question. Yes, I know what each girl make because some tell me. And yes, I have asked for Passport, Visa, and plane ticket. I have had push back but usually those women are gone soon. I have had two say no problem right away. These are women in their late 30;s and early forties. One is a travel agent and the other owns her own construction company. Of course this is what they have told me and who knows. We’ll see when the time comes. I also have one more trip (meet the parents) and wait for the attorneys to finish the paperwork and deal with the Consulate. I’ll keep you in the loop as things progress.

      • Steve Griffin says:

        Hi Jack,

        I have still been talking to my “girlfriend” for over a year now. She now has her passport but was denied on her first visa application. She is going again back to Kiev to try at getting her tourist visa again. I don’t know that all this is true. But if she shows up at my door I will let you know. This is one that told me she has money and does not need mine. Most of her letters have remained extremely romantic. So if what she says is true she has paid for her passport ($300) and is now working on the visa ($1,000). I guess time will tell. Of course with all the unrest in the Ukraine now, who know what will happen with passports and visas.

      • Jack B. says:

        Well Steve… I hope that she is being honest with you. To tell you honestly, I have my doubts about her being granted a tourist visa, that is pretty rare. It might be a long shot, but maybe there will be a point if the violence gets too out of hand that the U.S. will grant asylum to ordinary Ukrainians. At the very least, your chances of getting her out of there are better right now. I used to see my girl on Skype every other day… now I see her twice a day. We are planning a trip to the Crimea in the spring… after which time I will start her paperwork. Of course, in my case I will be footing the bill for the immigration expenses. She sometimes is still very humble and self degrading… saying that it will be too expensive for me to pay for her expenses, even though she is crazy about me. This just makes me get closer and closer to her. Because of the below zero temps over there she has not been able to go to work, but today she will brave the cold to look after her workers, who are mostly the homeless….

  74. Steve Griffin says:

    The response to this question is accurate and I did many of the same things. You can also see my comments too. I am now writing to the woman I have been attracted to through personal email.

  75. Steve Griffin says:

    Sorry, wrong question. I am new at this. To answer the question about numbers. You would never know this because the websites don’t publish this information. But there are many of these websites out there. They have offices in every major city staffed by a few people. I never did meet any other westerners when I was there. I went to multiple cities via bus and never met anyone on these buses doing what I was doing. I just don’t know but I am sure it is enough to make tons of money for these folks.

  76. Steve Griffin says:

    Yes, and you’re right about the salaries. Several have told me what they make and I too was skeptical. We’ll see how it goes. One of the women I knew ran a travel agency so it is possible she had this covered.

  77. Mark says:


    Thanks for your insights. You show respect for people in other cultures, and I like that. A lot of the guys give Americans a bad name, like we don’t already look bad enough. I hope it works out for you and you get the right woman.

  78. elbochie says:

    Ukrainian men vary as American men do, however, there are a lot of ugly men there. Many do not take care of their appearance and many smoke and drink. It is very hard to get a woman to leave her home anywhere and it is harder to get them to leave Odessa. There are nice places to eat and many enjoy living there. I would if I find a woman to marry. If you want to get laid ask the concierge to hook you up and tell him what you want. Usually it is 100 bucks plus about for taxi home for the girl. She gets to keep 30 bucks out of this. And you can screw some really hot chicks, much better than playing the game on their turf. You will lose and be out a lot of money. Women will not normally go out with old men but it is common there because they want a sugar daddy, however, you can find the same thing in America, although she may be strung out on drugs.

  79. Steve Griffin says:

    This was a very interesting post. I have been to the Ukraine twice and I am getting ready to go again in search of a wife. The information is accurate. I had a taxi driver who had business cards from prostitutes that were college students. They charged $50 an hour and were beautiful. But I think you have to weigh two things. First why would you spend $1500 (at least) for air fare, food, and hotel to get a prostitute when you could go to a major city and get the same thing for a few hundred dollars. Second the Ukraine has a high HIV/AIDS infection rate because of IV drug usage. I would not take a chance on that to get laid. But that’s me. And my info is from the WHO.

    I have been talking women for over a year and after that long inconsistencies will show up in their stories if there are any. I also feel after a year they are serious in their intentions.

    Yes of the women who come back 50% will leave. I have friends who have had this experience with their Ukrainian wives. You can’t take the culture out of someone.

    The way I dealt with this homesick issues is, these four women have no family to speak of. Their father is long gone (common story) and their mothers are in other countries working jobs. Two of the four have businesses and don’t need my money and they are in their forties but still beautiful. Those are my characteristics I look for.

    Now these are only my warped approach to hoping they will not miss the Ukraine too much and want to leave. Of course I have been there twice now and I can see why they love the country. It was hard for me to leave the last time.

    The point to my posting is to tell you that yes, the hookers are cheap and beautiful if that is your thing. It is not mine. Also to tell you what I look for when looking for a wife because I think it decreases the odds of her leaving after a year or so. I have also been writing these four for at least a year. The ones that aren’t serious are long gone.


  80. Mario says:

    I married a Ukrainian woman in march 2012 still waiting for her to get her papers to come to Canada. Now I have been to the Ukraine many times and spent a lot of time there over the last 2 years but I’ve been traveling there for about 13 years. I got to tell you that the personal guide is correct you should listen to him. men are men in the Ukraine and there are many good men there. life can be financially more difficult there but on the whole, people generally have a good life.
    As for looking for a wife it can be difficult to get connected to a woman that is honest and sincere, and there the scammers out number the good women, and the net is full of sites that offer only scammers, one girl can have up too 10 or more different pic, of different girls that she presents herself as being, they get a cut of the money that you spend to write to her, so it is in her favour to speak to many men, and I have met a few of these girls, and the got money. But I got to also defend the good women, and there are a few, a real Ukrainian woman will make a good man a good wife. but it is not so easy to find you need to go there by connecting with a honest dating service that will set you up with different women that are screened to keep out the scammers, professional daters, hookers etc… and still you can never be sure, this is why it is so difficult for these women to come to Canada or the US the government knows that they are trouble.

  81. Tim says:

    I have read this blog from beginning to end. Everyone here has their good and bad points but I think (and may be wrong) that Steve Griffen is the closest to being accurate. I have been lucky enough to live in Europe for many years as well as Israel so have met many lovely ladies from many countries.
    The one thing I have found is that they are all the same no matter where they are from. As one we all want acceptance and to be loved and as one we all have our scammers in our own countries that EVERYONE has to watch out for. Yes I own my own business and no I am not rich. I am 51 yrs old and naturally as a mature male I would love to see some hot sexy young lady loving me but then reality sets in and I wake up. I would love to meet someone that is honest, loving, caring and looks after themselves both physically and mentally. I have kept myself in shape all my life as my job demands it. I am however very picky about the person I am with as she will have to put up with me as much as I will with her and let me tell you I am no joy to be around sometimes.
    If you are lucky enough to find someone then way to go, work like hell to keep them and have a lot of patience as they will need the same with you. Trust me, it has taken me 51 yrs to realize I am not gods gift to humanity so I have been humbled and would love to meet the “right one” for me no matter where she lives. Good luck to everyone and Steve thanks for some rational thinking, as an American you have hit the nail on the head with the thinking pattern there. Hope your marriage works out and if she has any friends give me a shout.

  82. BB says:

    Any place thats advertised as having really sexy, easy to get females is going to have men outnumbering women quickly. I have a couple of friends that are Ukrainian and they said places like Odessa and Moscow have nothing but guys with expensive cars, clothes, many in there late teens to early 20’s. Think Las Vegas NV, my home town, is a fountain of penis. Trendy and popular places have too many men spending too much money, so Joe Average has to move on!

  83. Jack B. says:

    I am in Lugansk right now as I write this….
    I can see how life in this city is depressing and why people would want to leave here….. water gets turned off after midnight, nothing to do after midnight, all streetlights off also after midnight…I mean complete pitch black!! I also went to Dnipropetrovsk… and I must say that it is a lot better there…. the girl I met there said there are is a lot of ignorant people in Lugansk and Donetsk…. and I’m inclined to believe her….
    Overall….though, Ukraine is a nice country, and the people generally are very friendly…. speaking a little Russian before you come is almost a necessity…. trust me, you will be glad you learned it…
    Maybe next year I will visit Kiev… I don’t know… I think things between me and the girl from Dnipropetrovsk are going well… so I may just go back there instead….

  84. Steve Griffin says:

    I have been to Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolai, and Dnepropetrovsk dating women in those cities. I used the train and bus to get around. Your suggestion to learn a little Russian is a must. The only other way to get bus and train tickets if you travel is to tip the cap driver and have him get the tickets for you. The folks behind the counter will not have patience with you since the train stations are always busy. So an English speaking cab driver helps and they will be glad to do this for you.

    Also if the cab driver knows about flats for rent use them. The hotels run $100 a night and up. My cab driver found me a flat that was huge, beautiful, and only $50 a night in downtown Dnepropetrovsk.

    I am now concentrating on Dnepropetrovsk because I am convinced the most beautiful women in the country are there. That and it is a beautiful city with a lot to do and see. Be sure and see the longest Embankment (wharf) in the world while you are there.

    I wish you luck with your lady Jack. I am nearing the end of my search after one year on the site. But I have been extra cautious. Knowing 1/2 of the women who come over go back within two years I was very careful who I dated. I tried to find older women with 1 child and no family. I have found a few that meet that criteria. My favorite lady is well off (owns 4 businesses, and has no family. Oh yes, she is drop dead gorgeous!

    I have been very happy with the web site although the agency rep in Kharkov was less than honest. The agency runs off a loose federation of Ukrainians in the country to run the business. On the other hand the rep in Dnepropetrovsk was awesome and worked way harder than she was supposed to do.

  85. Jack B. says:

    Yeah, Lugansk is a real rathole….
    even the girls from surrounding cities don’t want to come to Lugansk because it is so drab….
    My lady does not own businesses like yours does, but she works in her Fathers business, and is very thrifty with money…
    When I left lugansk to go to Dnipropetrovsk, I called her on the phone so she could talk to the taxi driver to drop me off at the bus station and help me to buy my ticket without ripping me off. She told me to pay the man $10. I thought this was the minimum fare just to get to the station.. he came inside… helped me buy the ticket, and walked me to the bus platform and told me where to wait. I thought that it was his courtesy so I gave him an extra $5, so $15 total. When I got to Dnipropetrovsk, she and I were discussing money and how much people earn in Ukraine and such… she asked me how much I paid the taxi driver, and I told her $15…. she got a little upset that I gave the guy an extra $5!!! She said “I told you how much to pay, but you didn’t listen to me, I discuss with him $5 to drive you and $5 to help buy ticket”. This conversation was AFTER I made clear to her that I may not even choose her as my woman, and that I was also meeting with other girls, so I knew right then that she really cared for me, and that she was a keeper…I felt a little bit used when I paid for her friends food and drink for a couple of days… but her friend was really keen on us being together in the end… so I think it was ok, and it was her friends suggestion that she put her profile up on the dating website where we met each other.
    It happened so fast, she even took me to meet her parents and her mother cooked a feast for us… I bought some Tequila from the US that I shared with them… they were ecstatic. Her younger brother seemed a little concerned at first, but I think he warmed up to me by the second day…
    She drinks beer, likes sports, is frugal with money, eats spicy food like me and doesn’t think that sex should be a taboo subject as much as it is in the U.S. What more could a guy ask for?
    I just need for her to be a teensy little bit more homely in terms of kitchen abilities, but I’m sure she’ll get that from her mother. The whole family works every single day of their life in their family business… so she is accustomed to a tough life.
    Like I said before, she is NOT drop dead gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, with a little effort, she could easily be a head turner… she already has the body to be one, but I am more turned on by her exceptional smarts, which can sometimes not be so easy to find in Ukrainian women… so all of you who read this… don’t spend a whole bunch of money to go to Ukraine and let your little head do the thinking once you get there… you might wind up with an empty wallet…
    Do a lot of homework before you leave…. the more the better.

  86. Steve Griffin says:

    Hi Jack,

    This sounds very good for you. The thing with her friend was a little payback for getting the bio on the website. It’s OK and is expected.

    I think the deal with the cab is she was concerned that you paid too much. But I ‘d just let it go. It’s not worth getting in a disagreement and I would guess her upbringing makes her a little cautious with money. That’s a good thing guy!

    They do work their asses of. Most the women I have met work 6 to 7 days a week and do 10 to 12 hour days. They are tough people.

    It is a little unusual that you met her parents already if you haven’t know her that long. Sounds like she isn’t going to let you go.

    They do have a different outlook on sex than we do.

    You know Jack, most of them are beautiful compared to what we are used to. Sounds like a good deal all around for you. I hope things continue to go well for you.

    Two things you hit the nail on the head with. Use the the right head or lose tons of money and do lots of homework.

  87. Olya says:

    It was interesting to read this article as I am Ukrainian woman who got married to an amazing Canadian man and I could not be more happier!!
    I don’t know where the guy who wrote this article got this information that there is a lot of man in Ukraine? not true at all…you can go any places in Ukraine and you can see so many single beautiful girls out there.
    Not enough decent guys that’s for sure! I would even say that most of them so spoiled that they now have this criteria how the girl should look like in their imagination and the other thing is most of the guys can not even take care of themselves because they are so used that their mothers cooking and washing their clothes every day compare to Western European or American guys who are more capable of taking care of themselves from the early age.
    I can say only one thing…that everyone has a choice in their own life and I made mine.

    • Lina says:

      You’re right Olya men here beside being very hideous are completely mindless.

      • Steve Griffin says:

        I find this conversation very interesting. I am in Kharkov at the City Club Hotel right now. I have met a couple very nice Ukrainian women and must say they are very beautiful. I can clean, cook, do laundry, and do not need a woman for these things. I would offer to date anyone (woman of course) who contacts me today at the hotel and show you that American men are able to run their own house, are very affectionate, and not bad looking.

  88. adrian says:

    Olya I am glad everything turned out well for you I have not been to Ukraine but once met two Ukrainian girls working for a childrens charity I was working in India at the time They where great girls very funny and very polite

  89. Steve Griffin says:

    I have been to the Ukraine twice now and the third trip next month. I have met a couple beautiful, polite, and attentive women.

  90. Steve Griffin says:

    The Ukraine is a wonderful country rich in history and tradition. You should visit and talk to the women there. They will tell you the same thing this woman has said, They do make wonderful dates and I suspect wives. They take care of themselves, are intelligent, and hard workers. My dates have been nothing short of spectacular.

  91. adrian says:

    I am hoping to visit in the Spring

  92. Steve Griffin says:

    Getting ready to make my final trip to find my other half. Every trip has been great, the women beautiful (with or without makeup), the culture exciting, and the women beautiful. Did I say that already? $*)

    I have spent more than a year talking to several women. I think I have made a choice and will spend a couple weeks in country solidifying my relationship with her.

    She makes good money due to four well run and profitable businesses. This woman has it all. So off I go down the path of domestic bliss. You should all never give up. But be smart, do you research, and be careful who you fall in love with. Learn some Russian, and set your expectations at a reasonable level. There are good women and bad women just looking for a buck just like in the US.

    I will check in when I get back to the US.

  93. Russian says:

    Ukrainian women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Ukrainian women, you know? I mean, Ukrainian women are tall and in excellent shape. What else do you need from a girl? Hope it helps.

  94. Kadiri says:

    Ukrainian women?That’s new? men always want a good looking women ,i personaly don’t care .All the women are igual if they are well educated and support man in bad time.To marry a woman just to enjoy sex or for the others to say “wow what a woman he has” is a stupid idea.

  95. TRUTH says:

    white illegal westerners in Canada and America are women beaters bums backstabbers . to all Ukrainian women stay away from these germbags they are out to hurt you and hurt you good! why do you suppose their own weomen in north America don’t want anything to do with them. white people in north America are scumleeches are mental don’t know how to dress are obsessive and abusive.and don’t are better off with a nice handsome indian Aryan guy.they are rich and are not infidels and have monogamous relationships with no baggage and have the lowest divorce rates!

    • Steven Griffin says:

      I feel so sorry for you. Have you ever been to America?

      I have never beat a woman, dress well, am in the upper income bracket, and shower every day. Soon I will marry my Ukrainian fiancee and she is more than willing to come to America. I don’t know where you get your information but it is just wrong.

    • Jack B. says:

      Dude, there is absolutely no need to play the victimized south Asian Desi card here, and start taking it out on the white dudes… there’s many Ukrainian women themselves who are racist, and will not even look at a brown dude like you or me. Yeah, maybe Indian men are monogamous, but some of them also treat their white girlfriends/wives like dirt, as if she is a trophy catch to them… and baggage? I don’t know WTF part of India you are from… but virtually ALL of India has this bullshit belief that the wife is subservient to the husband. At social events all the men and women are separated… I’ve grown up with this BS… what do you think a poor white Slavic woman would talk about with all these self centered, egotistical, calculating, scandalous Indian cunts?? I swear to god I don’t know what some white guys see in our stupid head-up their ass Indian broads. “I want a chick from the land of the Kama Sutra”, NO YOU DON’T!!! Instead of getting better in bed, Indian women have a tendency to get WORSE… Just my two cents after being married to two of them. All these antiquated customs and beliefs need to be thrown out the door… India as a country still believes itself to be an innocent little flower and tries in vain to avoid all kinds of Western culture and socioeconomic influence….

  96. TRUTH says:

    if I was to be with a Ukrainian or Russian woman I would take great extreme care of her and would let her not work if she didn’t want to after all I am self sufficient and self employed and I believe in old traditional ways that it is the mans prerogative to make sure his woman is well taken care of whether it be good food nice house to live in and beautician manicure hair etc all taken care of no problem. she would be spoiled !and always loved! and have the life she always wanted which is security happiness,entertainment,shopping,going for drives to special resorts and have dining.i like Ukrainian north east indian women and Russian women the three favourite and most hottest women on the planet at least to me that is.

    • Joe Czerkawsk says:

      Personally I wouldn’t like to see a white woman marrying a Dravidian. There shouldn’t be any doubt that all you want is to corrupt Slavic genes with your filth and defective genetic which will submit Western culture into another third world nation of undeveloped useless vermin. These woman do not want to marry pigs like you why don’t you go home and let these women alone!

      Slavic women for Slavic men only! I am a Slavic descendant who speaks 4 European languages. Do not pretend that these women are at your disposal only because you’re an alien!

      • Steve Griffin says:

        There is obviously a need not being met and thus the reason for these women to advertise on a website. The ones I have talked to (thousands at this point) want to be with a man who loves them, trusts them, and treats them like an equal. Perhaps you should direct your comments at your own women and see how they react.

        Of course I am no expert, I only get 50 emails a day requesting my attention since this must be missing in their lives. it is obvious they DO want to marry western men. My three trips to the Ukraine have convinced me that they are lacking in attention and so have decided to seek it in another country. Of course I am very happy about that.

    • Jack B. says:

      dude, seriously, you sound like you just want to become ANY woman’s little bitch… why don’t you just stick your neck out for any interested woman so she can put a collar and leash on you.. don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and the house is stripped bare of everything you owned.

  97. Joe Czerkawsk says:

    There must have been something which made you change your mind since the last time I read your comment.

    Well you shouldn’t trust them if I were you! But I wish you the best with your woman quest in Ukraine. I can’t deny that many things which you mentioned are indeed true.

  98. Markus Stanovich says:

    Hey Joe racist, Slavic women for Slavic men? Also all the Ukrainians that escaped and are living luxury in a modern county, should move back to Ukraine. In fact all immigrants worldwide should go home to their country of origin!!!!!

  99. brian says:

    Come on don’t stop now it is just getting good

  100. Oliver says:

    I have read all your posts and arguments.
    Lets hear what Ukraine women got to say or don’t you allow them their opinion ?

  101. Mark says:

    What is odd, I have a profile on four sites. When the “same” lady is contacted at different sites, I am a “stranger”!

    Also, with over 1,000,000 free ways to “chat”, why in the world do they want you to pay to chat UNLESS they are not serious, I’m feeling scammed, haha

  102. Steve Griffin says:

    Yes Americans cab be irritating but so can Chinese, Germans, and any other group of people.

    And yes, changes take hold slowly in countries that had not seen change in hundreds of years. And I agree not everything in the Ukraine is working properly and perfectly. I have visited the Ukraine three times in the last year. I came into the country as an ignorant American. But the more times I visited the Ukraine the more times I fell in love with her culture, kind and hardworking people, and natural beauty. I do not think the Ukraine is stupid or disgusting. I think the Ukraine is full of hard working people who just want to make a living and be happy. It is a wonderful country and it does pain me to see the political problems tearing the country apart. But I think the people are tired of the corruption, a government that doesn’t listen (we have that too), and working so hard for so little. I have many friends in the Ukraine now and I hear both sides of the story. One thing that the Ukrainian people do not lack is passion.

    I think I have discovered the heart of the Ukraine you mention. A story helps here to explain why I think the Ukraine is such a wonderful country. On my first trip I was on a train from Kiev to Kharkov. I was jet lagged and paced up and down the rail car. There was a retired couple in the car with me and a younger man who was traveling also. This retired couple brought a little food and make a small dinner for each other. It was pretty obvious I was an American. When I walked past the car on another pass at the isle the woman stood up and offered me a plate. I though WOW! These people do not know me and they are willing to share their small meal with me! I was so appreciative and humbled by their kindness. To me THIS is the heart of the Ukraine. The young man even offered me a ride into town to a hotel. He had a car and wanted to give me a lift. Of course it wasn’t necessary because I have a ride waiting. But this retired couple and young man who didn’t know me wanted to help knowing I was lost in a strange country.

    I can still see their kind smiling faces. And I will never forget their kindness. This is the Ukraine most Americans never see.

  103. Steve Griffin says:

    This is the very reason you should ask for photos in her “normal” setting. Those will help show she is a real person. And then there is always the trip to meet her that will show she is who she says she is.

  104. Greg says:

    Hey don’t judge all Americans by one man he does not speak for all of us I have many friends In Ukraine and other countries and I am with a woman from kherson every country has problems and yes that was a remark that should have never been said but you need to watch how you say it too because you just came off the same way as him just from another country.

  105. RC says:

    I have taken the time to read over all of the postings and you all have a diverse point of view I’m talking from personal experience I have been corresponding with a Ukrainian lady know for over 2 years I have in the Ukraine twice and base on my observations their are serious problems in the Ukraine the amount of men suffering from alcoholism is extremely high compare to most other countries this has to do with the lack of opportunities for good employment also the levels of corruption are sky high I experience that first hand the minute I got to the Airport in Odessa the customs try to get a bribe from well they did in order for me to be able to enter the country with items I had brought my lady friend. Know things are even worst I was schedule to return this summer to start the process of getting my fiancé her visa to come to the US with me but do to the current situation in the Crimean and the Russians presence their I may not be able to go my fiancé is very afraid she’s a nurse and she has been told that if a civil war starts all Doctors and nurses will be required to go to the Crimean region to provided medical support and she’s very afraid I was trying to expedited her visa process but the US consulate is currently only taking care of Americans living in the Ukraine and all none essential staff are been evacuated back to the US so all of the consulates and the Embassy will only have essential staff in place, until this entire situation is resolve. so lets hope all goes well and this entire issue does not escalated to a civil war.

  106. Michael Hazen says:

    Dear friend, I have been widowed for two years. I tried dating in my area. San Francisco bay area. I own my home in Napa. Ca. I was disappointed. So I joined sites from other countries. One in particular was Anastasia. Ukraine women
    who want men from America. I spent hundreds of dollar’s and many hours corresponding. I even set travel plans to go to Odessa. The woman I was to meet had gotten arrested for illegal trafficking. So I can celled my trip. I have been receiving at least a half a dozen letters a day from all kinds of girls from this site every day. They all write the same thing. Ukraine men are dogs they get drunk they are abusive. And they want to fall in love with me. I have one question. Should I continue with this site and how sincere are these girls? I have a hard time believing that a single woman some with children would leave their career family and surroundings friends to move in with me. It’s just not logical. Sincerely; Diamondmike

    • personalguide says:

      Hi Mike, any agency site is based on scam. There is much more demand than supply. Lots of thousands of men want to find a young, beautiful Ukrainian Lady. But we don’t have enough women of their dream who want to leave their country and move somewhere far away from what they like and who they love. But men want them so desperately that they are ready to believe that all those model type girls on agency sites dream about western guys day and night. Well, they just earn money, they don’t even bother to be varied in their letters. They send you same things all the time. You pay per letter and they get their interest. But well, it is possible to come across a real woman on any of these sites, but the chances are so low, that you might spend lots of your time and money with no result.
      Another point is if you want to marry a Ukrainian woman who is nice, loving, caring, and ready to leave her country, family and friends; you need to offer her something better. In other words you need to be well off. If some hundreds of dollars is a big money for you and you aren’t ready to spend some thousands for the search better don’t start.
      My advice is-
      – leave the agencies, all of them, try free local Ukrainian dating sites, don’t pay for the letters.
      – do learn some Russian, you’ll be more confident then
      – if you want to make it faster, hire a dating agent who can do it for you and on your behalf.

      Need any help write directly

  107. Steve Griffin says:


    I have been on Jump4Love for over a year. I have met (4 Ukraine trips)
    several women and have several who tell me they would come back with me. Are they being honest? Most of them are in my opinion based on what I hear when I am at dinner with them.

    I have not heard good things about the website you are on. I have met the women I write and they are real. I speak a little Russian and so I can follow the conversations between my date, the translator, and the woman I am with. In every case but one the conversations were sincere. And boy was she surprised when I spoke Russian to her and told her what I thought of her professional dating for dinner scam. Of course I did not tell them I speak Russian and so they were unaware I could follow the conversation.

    My advice to you is to leave this site and try another. Mordenson Agency is a family run business and is a good honest service. I would also suggest Jump4Love. I actually have a woman I have proposed to, gotten her passport, and now we are working on her visa. Of course the political issues are preventing me from going back again for now.

    Before you commit to any woman I would suggest meeting her a couple times. The immigration folks will require this anyway. The times I came to the Ukraine I had 4 to 6 dates set up and would take these women to dinner and listen to them and the translator talk. As I mentioned I knew what they were saying.

    But you MUST learn some Russian and go to the Ukraine and visit them. Of course it is not safe now but that will change. If you have lots of cash you can also hire a private detective to look into this woman you are interested in when it gets serious.

    I think you were unlucky this time but keep trying because there are women who want to marry and come to the US. I know 6 Russian/Ukrainian women here in the US that got here by finding a American husband and marrying them. All are happy and have children. So it is possible but there are many dishonest services and women out there. As I mentioned I took a year to meet and propose to my fiance so it took time and I was very cautious.

    If you want you can write me and I’ll go into great detail about my experiences off line.


  108. seen all the scams says:

    I communicate with several women for free via what’s app, and Skype, I have learned over the years, scammers don’t want to leave the agencies because of $$$ there are 1,000,000+ free translation sites on the internet, so communication is a lie they say they must stay at agency.

    Be careful

  109. sandesh nundraj says:

    I’m a south african indian male looking for a sexy stunning supermodel ukrainian women as a wife. She must be around 18 to 32 of age. She must have green/blue eyes, blonde hair, good sexy drop down gorgeous figure and single who would like to marry and have a family with me! I am financially secure and will take care of her every needs.

  110. Robert says:

    Hello! Iam going to Kiev next mount and would like to have some places were I can meet them in Kiev?

  111. William says:

    I have met a sweet girl from the Ukraine via internet and we speak on skype everyday for about 4-5 hours the last 2 months. We talk a lot about meeting each other, but i can’t find any information about safety to travel to Ukraine (Donetsk, to be exact). All i can find that: “traveling to ukraine has to be with caution”. So my question at this point is: Is it safe for a western-european man, to visit the city of Donetsk at this point in time. I don’t speak russian very well (working on it, with help from the girl).
    I hope someone can give me some honest advice, because most sites i ask, don’t come back with an answer.


    • personalguide says:

      That’s not a good idea, there is war in Donetsk. If you don’t want a special holiday under bombings and gunfire, stay away from Donetsk and Lugansk. Whoever invites you there is either crazy or a scam. You can safely travel to any other region of Ukraine without a doubt, but Donetsk is a hell now. Thpusands of hired terrorists from russia are surrounded by Ukrainian forces. We all hope they will be wiped out soon, but till then no trip to those regions.

  112. personalguide says:

    Better Kiev then Kharkov. But Kharkov is OK

  113. Steve Griffin says:

    I am leaving for Ukraine in a couple weeks too. I have friends in Donetsk and Luhansk and they tell me these cities are battlegrounds. Those cities and the east along the Ukraine/Russian boarder ARE NOT SAFE! There are still daily gun battles occurring. Kiev and Kharkov are safer. But the country is in a civil war.

    • Serg says:

      There is NO civil war. Russian troops massively help some little groups of local separatists. Russia also supports weapon and terrorists. That is why there is no CIVIL war, there is unnamed and not proclaimed officially war between Ukraine and Russia.

  114. Nina says:


  115. Curtis says:

    I find this interesting :) Ukraine here I come. All of you guys brings something to learn from Joseph and Personal guide you great. One thing for sure regardless were you come from women are the same and surely you will find someone to love you unless you are not serious. be it a foreigner of native because of personal preferences. I need that super model and planning to be in Ukraine soon. ;)

  116. Jay says:

    PersonalGuide, I apologize for the Americans that act like fools on your website. I almost believe these were not Americans at all. I certainly have not met such rudeness in my life while living in America. I also wanted to thank you for the updates regarding tourism issues in your country. I want to visit Ukraine and meet some of your women. I am curious to see if they are more family oriented or if this is an unrealistic stereotype. I am sure there are lots of Ukrainian women that do complain about men in Ukraine. This is most women for you. Most women, in general, are never satisfied and complain about everything. Ha. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I truly don’t think a typical Ukrainian women would desire to move away from friends and family. Who would? It is not a natural and mentally fit thing to desire. I think Ukrainian women watch too many American movies and think we all look like Brad Pitt and have his large bank account! Ha. Keep up the great work!

    • personalguide says:

      Jay, thank you for your opinion. When you are in Ukraine stay away from all those scam girls and you’ll enjoy your stay.

  117. alan reed says:

    Hi Personal guide , thanks for you forum it has been informative and also a laugh , at those dumbass’s way up there (joeseph)

    I am planning on a trip to your country in the near future , and need some information , i am planning on going to odessa , cause i am a West Aussie , we love the beach.
    I would like if you could recommend some night spots to meet some local women as i am still skeptical of the web site unless you know of any with a good reputation of course .
    how long is it best to go for etc 2 weeks or three
    i may venture out a bit in a hire car ! is this advisable ? or are trains they way to travel ?
    any information would be truly grateful



    • personalguide says:

      Hi, Alan. If you want to hire a car you can choose one here But you can also use taxis, buses and other public transports, which will be less expensive and quite comfortable. Odessa is one big hot spot, the most popular place to spend a night out is Arkadia district. It has a lot of night clubs, beaches, bars and restaurants. Also you can visit Koblevo resort which is between Odessa and Nikolaev cities and has most of local beauties concentrated there in summer. Two weeks is OK to have a rest and fun, but I am not sure if it is enough to find someone serious. Anyway it’s all up to who you want to find. If you are in Nikolaev contact me if you need any help.

  118. William says:

    Hello personal guide,
    I’m leaving for Kiev in 3 weeks. But i need to say 1 thing before i come to your country. I want to thank you for this site, it really helped me allot. keep up the good work, at least you and others are being honest about the whole deal. i want to thank you for the quick replies.

  119. Jim says:

    Hello All
    I have read this blog and thought that it might be about time I shared my experience with travelling to Ukraine and dating Ukrainian women. Like many of you out there I too wondered if it was all too good to be true.

    I am in my forties but still ok looking, I have a very good income and I can find women locally to date etc. My problem is living the expat life I meet women who are not really interested in anything long term and while this can be fun I tend to drift from one shallow encounter to another.

    So I thought that I would try a Ukraiian website, and for the last 7 months I have talked to literally hundreds of women. some have been genuine, some have been scammers and I have had some really fun times and I have had some disasters.

    In all i have been to Ukraine 10 times. The first trip was to Lugansk, I had not been talking to this woman for very long but the curiosity was killing me. I just wanted to see if she was real and if the whole thing was a scam or not. So I went to Lugansk. I immediately knew I had made a mistake. She looked nothing like her profile pictures and there was just no chemistry at all. So I stuck it out i was there for the weekend and thought that maybe it would get better. It didnt and the trip with all of the meals, taxis, interpreters etc not to mention hotels and flights had cost me a couple of grand.

    So i realised that it was a steep learning curve. All of the reports of these beautiful women just dieing to jump into bed and become your faithful companion are completly untrue. These women are complex, proud, intelligent girls who are looking for a better life but they are not just going to throw it all at you, There is a much more complex and old fashioned courting ritual to go through

    So I tended to talk to a couple of women at once via and a month or two later I thought I would have another try. This time i went to Kiev. I met another woman who again was not nearly as attractive in real life as her profile picture but she was great fun and we hit it off straight away. We went out drinking and dancing and we did have a physical relationship. I visited her three or four times and I really enjoyed her company but after a while I broke off the relationship as while she was really nice it wasnt love and I am afraid as they say, there is no fool like an old fool I still want more than just company and sex.

    So there were more trips, I have visited seven women in all. I have found the women in Kiev to be more demanding and sophisiticated than the women from the smaller cities. Of the seven women I have met I have had short flings with two of them, two of them whilst very nice women there was just no chemistry, another I really liked but she was just very unsure so after a lot of effort I decided to give up on her and one of them was a complete disater. So not a bad conversion rate. But it is an expensive hobby and I have spent a lot of money in my quest for happiness.

    The last woman I met is an ongoing story, I went to see her in Krivoy Rog. She actually was much prettier in real life than her pictures and was super intelligent, witty, fun and just down right sexy. She is coming to see me here in the UAE in two weeks so I will let you know how we get on. We talk on Skype everyday and it looks very promising.

    Let me just add a few comments on what I know so far:-

    Most of the girls are on the site through an agency. They have an interpreter assigned to them and this person actually writes most of the letters.

    The interpreter does get a commision for the letters opened by you. They basically meet with the girl once a week for a bit of a synopsis of what is going on.

    The interpreter will write letters to men that have contacted the girls without the knowledge of the girls and some times these letters are pretty generic.

    A lot of these girls are not desperate to meet you for a lot of them it is just a fantasy that they play out with no real intention of ever actually meeting you. You will find that when you are writing to them via the site they are full of inuendo and cheek but as soon as you get their actual email address the tone will often change and the frequency of letters will drop off.

    Going to Ukraine to find a girl is not like going to a car yard to buy a car! In a lot of ways they play a lot harder to get than many western women. They are complex and strong willed and while they do have strong family values they are not going to put up with any sh*t.

    So dont be like some of the guys on this site who think they just have to go to Ukraine and click their fingers and they will have a pack of beautiful creatures begging for you to save them from misery. It just is not like that at all, but if you put the time and effort and of course cash into your quest then there are beautiful, genuine women out there who would like to meet you.

  120. Ben says:

    I have been dating a Russian women for 6 months now. She a really cool person and we seem to hit it off way before we met in person. All I can say if your planning on finding a Russian or Ukrainian women be prepared to spend a lot of money. I am one of the lucky ones. My girlfriend is a good woman and jumped right into domestic life with me. The problem is most eastern women are very poor and cannot work in usa to help you pay the bills. My girl buys her plane tickets but I pay for all the day to day living and entertainment when she is here. There are so many great woman in the areas of these conversations and if you just be yourself and don’t BS anything then you really can find a good woman who will love you. We aren’t married and don’t plan on getting married anytime soon and you should all do the same so that you know where her heart is. When dating anyone you always can tell if the really love you or not by the conversation the body language if they do for you and not just themselves etc. Good luck to all you guys!

  121. i really need a woman to marry

  122. ebg says:

    I’ve been looking at the website of Ukraine women, and what I notice is that they’re very fashionable and all say “they want to travel.” High Maintanence, I’m sure a women like that would really want to travel half way across the world to baby-sit with me and my three children. Also, if you notice, Odessa has a lot of yachts in it’s ports?? Why would a beatiful women drinking champagne on a yacht wants to travel acroos the world and live in St. Lious or Cleveland??? Would you? If the Ukraine have the most beautiful women…then the men must also be good looking to make such beatiful children, right! Some fat old forgeign man is not going to wow a 21 year old with his sex appeal if there are alot of hot looking studs in town. But, I guess the girls have thier problem tooo…how does the saying go “Why do all the rich ones have to be so old.”

  123. storpick says:

    Hi guys.
    I have been reading all the things you have been publishing and i believe that there is everything and all sort of people everywhere so all of you have different experiences and different opinions .
    I am a 50 years old and i divorced 4 years ago, after going around with girls from different parts of the world from Africa to South America (as my job allows me ) i became more and more aware that the more i date this girls the more i was sure they were no good for my purpose.
    I register in Badoo and two years a go i met a girl from Odessa we became good friends and i add her on Facebook . For two years we spoke as normal friends and we showed no interest of flirting or anything and after becoming good friends i invited her to come and see me in the Algarve (i had no intention and we were just friends ) well, it was well understood to all my friends that we liked each other and at the end of her vacation we had everything clear.
    I am impressed by her kindness, sense of humor, honesty and class. we are very happy and falling for each other i have plans to go to Ukraine next year and she is coming to see me next october . I don’t see any manipulation or any interest from her side other then the need to be loved and to love .
    One thing is true i have never met anybody like this girl she is intelligent , clever honest and very very pretty, we don’t know if we are going to live there or there and that will be to discuss later on but one thing is sure this girls are special and they are no poor creatures that you need to feel pity for, they are proud with a great personality and very feminine.

  124. storpick says:

    JOSEPH. YOU IGNORANT CUNT (talking you got an hispanic name “Cesar” is not a white name! you got be hispanic in oder words you must be a non-white) YOU FATHER SHOULD HAVE JERKED YOU OFF.

    • Joey says:

      First of all “Cesar” isn’t even my name. I am a Polish descendant living in what is known as the jewnited snake of murka. a country which has been sadly flood by undesirable and repulsive ignorant Untermensch like you. I am a very proud Polish descendant. Btw Cesar is NOT an Hispanic name but rather a Greek one. You wouldn’t be entirely capable to spot Greece on the map. Cesar is just the Spanish version of Καῖσαρ. No wonder why many of these girls make a fool out of their fat murkan boyfriends. lol

      Americans are dumb as fuck they think that they can get anyone they want only because they are Americans but know little or nothing about the world around them.

      I wouldn’t ever recommend any Ukrainian girl to move to this degenerated country.

  125. Steve Griffin says:

    I think a lot is missing here. Like an understanding of what is REALLY happening in the Ukraine. I was there for the sixth time three weeks ago so I have recent experience. The biggest current issue is the war with Russia. It is sucking the cash out of the system. Of course the Ukraine is already on the verge of bankruptcy so your pretty picture of a house, food on the table, and a happy single woman are scarce right now. Two of my female friends do not eat regular because they have not been paid in a couple pay periods. Of course prices on everything are rising fast. So what they ate a few months ago, they cannot eat now. I filled one female friends refrigerator because it had been empty for weeks while I was visiting last month. Things are very tough for the common Ukrainian right now. Many are pawning things just to pay bills, never mind eating. So they do have a reason for wanting to leave. Things are tough for them now and not the picture you paint at all. The banks just went through a consolidation. That means one of my lady friends lost EVERYTHING she had because the bank her money was in failed . Another reason to leave? You bet it is! All I am saying is be careful what you think life in the Ukraine is like . It is VERY tough right now giving these ladies several reasons to leave. Yes, they are tough and hard workers. But right now the country is struggling.

  126. James says:

    Hi,I’m in need of a lil help and information,first let me say that I am a black man in America interested in coming to Ukraine to find me a lovely wife,I would like to know is that possible and what steps do I actually need to take

  127. Pingback: Services you ordered in 2014. Top 5 | Your Personal Assistant in Ukraine

  128. Rahul says:

    Hey, my name is Rahul or i’m from India and i’m looking for a girlfriend from Ukraine or Russia, not just a girl but also a life partner, only for long term relationship.
    Well i’m looking for this bcoz i like their eyes, face and smile.
    Hope you have blue eyes bcoz blue eyes get me hypnotised.
    I can promise you that i’ll stay by your side till the rest of our life.
    Email me at

  129. rob says:

    I am going to Odessa on my own. I have no intention of using any agency. But I would like some recommendations of where in Odessa to look for single girls? Or is there an online newspaper I can advertise that I am in town?

    • personalguide says:

      Hi Rob, we have emailed you the answer

      • Ian says:

        Hello my name is Ian. I am 38 and single. I am a good guy looking for a good woman. If you are a sweet lady from the Ukraine and would like to email me please do. No games please, just sincere ladies who want to find a husband and have a family. Please be a non smoker and no drugs, and drink very little or not at all. Please be slim and healthy, and single, without kids yet. My email is please tell me a little about yourself and send a photograph to. Thanks Ian.

      • personalguide says:

        Hello Ian, I am not sure by site is visited by women, it is for man who needs assistance. We can help you, email us.

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