“Best Friend” service

Hey Gents. We have a new service for you! If you are travelling to Ukraine alone having no friends and support, nobody to talk too or have some beers with, you may need someone to be a good and reliable companion for you.
This is our “Best Friend” service. It will be a person who can introduce you to the local manners, traditions and people. Your best friend will help you socialize, will be your drinking buddy and guide. You will have no problems attending a social event, party, meeting new women, going for night “adventures”. Your Best Friend can be even your best man at your wedding in Ukraine. You will never waste your money and time meeting wrong people, dating scammers, going to overpriced places, paying more for transportation, housing, meals and other services.
With your Best Friend you will feel yourself confident, safe, well-informed, amused and you will never be scammed as your Best Friend will give you best advice on women. So have fun, meet women, take everything easy and rely on your Best Friend.

For more details write to pafromua@yahoo.com or leave a comment with your email address.

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2017 Services and Prices

– First consulting – free

– Guide & Interpreter – $15-25 p/h (depends on occasion) ($100 per day)

– Hidden interpreter service 25 p/h

– Written translation – $5-10 per letter (depends on content)

– Translation of letters – $100 per month for 2 persons

– Phone translation – $5 per phone call

– Trip planning – $150

– Legal advice – $50 p/h

– Airport “Borisipol” pick up – $40 (taxi + interpreter)

– Accommodation booking – $40 per booking

– Flowers & Gifts delivery – $40 for delivery + flowers’ price

– Transportation reservation – $10 for one reservation

– Russian classes – $15 per class

Women check:

  • Flash check and consulting – $50
  • Online information research + conclusion – $100
  • Intentions check – $100
  • Background check (identity, family, criminal, possessions, residence) – $150
  • Surveillance and fact check (footwork + video and photo surveillance) – from $500

– Woman search (matchmaking):

  • Chance estimation – $50
  • Profiles setting and search preparations – $150
  • Full range search – $1200 to start + $1500-2000 finder’s fee after the successful result (depends on the search time and conditions)
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Quick scam test. Check if your Ukrainian woman is a scammer.

Hello Gentlemen. We have been working hard together with our psychologists and dating experts. And now our team is about to complete an App for men called “Dating Scam Meter”. It will help you to spot and test for dating scams online.

There are a lot of ways to check if you are being scammed by your Ukrainian girlfriend, if she is real, genuine, sincere and has real feelings and true intentions towards you. This app consists of a list of questions about you and your girlfriend. As soon as we have the answers they will be processed immediately and you will be given the full conclusion on her.

You will not just get the result weather she is a scammer or not. You will get the full description. For every question you will get annotations and clarifications. Thus you will soon study to identify scammers by yourself. That is a wonderful opportunity to stop wasting your time on women that aren’t worth it.

Now we are testing the content of the app an and if you want to check your girlfriend briefly you can do it for free. Just leave a comment “+” under this entry and we will send you the questionnaire.



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Paying for your woman’s English lessons

Before paying for your woman’s English lessons:
1. Make sure she really doesn’t speak English at any fluency. Most of the scammers just take your money for classes having a good level of English. Then they surprise you with the level of their “brightness” as they start using their existing knowledge. Bit by bit. And you continue paying for not existing classes.
2. Make sure the price she gives is reasonable. If she asks more than $100 a month for her classes she is a scam. Actually $100 a month is pretty much too. My school in Nikolaev charges about $20 a month for group classes and about $60 per month for private tuition even with American and English teachers. Well, Kiev can be more expensive but not more then $100 a month.
3. It is better to hire independent teachers or schools. Just google the schools in her region and find those with reasonable pricing and good reviews. If the lady suggests a teacher most of the time they just divide the money between them and do nothing.
4. Pay the money to the school not to the girl. If she is angry about it she is not real and just wants your money.
5. Try to study some Russian. Try to be teachers by yourself and teach each other on the Internet. Of course before that you will need to find a grammar book of your own language. Don’t be lazy.

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Welcome to our new website

Hello gents, we are glad to introduce our new website dedicated to foreigners’ support in Ukraine – In2ukraine Here you can find anything you may need in Ukraine and even more.

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2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The tricks Ukrainian scammers use.

Here is the way it usually happens when a man starts his search of a young and beautiful Ukrainian woman.

First you google for a dating agency site or you find an advertisement or the advertisement finds you. No doubt you will come across the most popular sites which are the biggest scam residence. No matter whether it is free registration or you pay something, anyway you will pay for letters and video chats.

As soon as you are there you will start receiving letters (you will have to pay for them) from fabulous beauties at their 20-s. All of them will be mad about you from the first sight and you will start spending your credits for sending forth and back similar writings about love, feelings and genuine intentions which are worth nothing. If you are smart enough you will leave them if not you will be scammed badly.

OK, let’s imagine that you quit the agency site. When you register on the dating agency site they ask for your email address. Be ready that your address will be given to hundreds of gold diggers after you quit and you will start receiving letters with the text like: “Hi Darling, my name is …. and I found your address on the Internet. I am 20(21,22,23,23,25….) years old. I believe that the age isn’t something that can prevent people from loving each other bla-bla-bla… Let’s learn more about each other, I want to see your photos, here are my photos (a row of pics with a stunning model type beauty), I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.”

Well, why not to trust them? You are only in your 40s, 50s, 60s and she is a gorgeous young model. Of course you have been made for each other. And they are writing in English. You start a close relation in your letters, but suddenly you receive a message, either from her or from an interpreting agency, and you find out that the poor thing doesn’t speak English and all the time she has been using services of a translation agency to communicate with you. And now she has run out of money to pay. Apparently you will offer to pay translation fees.

Now you will get a receipt from a translation agency with some price. It will not be very expensive for you. Well, $100 or $300 or $500 a month. It is not too much to pay for true love, is it?The estimate your income and form the price individually. And no matter that such an agency has never existed and the fees they demand are 10 times higher than at a usual interpreting bureau in any Ukrainian city. We have never in our practice found the agencies mentioned in the issued receipts. However, the new, more and more intimate photos of the girl with standard phrases will make you pay.

Next stage is education. Doesn’t she speak English? This is not a problem. There are dozens of English schools in every city. She will tell you that it is impossible to use interpreters all the time. She knows a very good English school or an English teacher. It won’t cost too much. Of course not, it will cost only 5 times more than good teachers and schools charge. Recently I had a client whose girlfriend asked for €1.000 per month for her Norwegian classes. The man got a receipt from that most expensive school in Ukraine. After the check we found out that there wasn’t neither such school nor such teacher. We found a car repair garage at the address given in the receipt. Moreover, there were no teachers of Norwegian at all in that city.

Money requests. Your girlfriend tells you that the situation is Ukraine is so bad and she is almost starving. She has a sick grandma, father at war, little sisters with no breakfast before school. She hardly earns $50 a month working hard at her job. She can’t afford even a night out in cheap cafe. Poor things. Although the situation in Ukraine is not so easy, most of the girls we checked had latest I-phones, wore designer cloths, visited fancy restaurants. Nobody is starving in Ukraine even in the war zone. But of course you will offer her your help. So this is the way when the woman doesn’t need to ask for money, she just puts you in a situation when you will offer it by yourself.

This trick is for very intelligent women. Those who are not as clever will start asking giving the reasons above and more than that. What surprises me is that the men receiving women’s photos in latest fashion, wealthy looks, expensive furs, from good restaurants, in nice houses, still can’t just turn their logic on. Women of these looks just can’t be starving.

Lies in details. It is not so difficult to see whether the woman lies or not. Everything is in the details. She gives you lots of them. Doesn’t she speak English? Check it! I had a client whose girlfriend told him she didn’t speak English at all. I went on her social profile and saw pictures of her as a teacher in an English class. I showed him the photos. He said he had seen them already!!! She told him she was a teacher of something but not English. But that was a classroom for English language which was obvious. The blackboard was filled with English phrases. The walls were in English posters. How a man could be so naive, not to say stupid? I found her students in her friend’s list and they confirmed she was their English teacher.

So this is what we do first, we check the details. It might be hard for you. But for us in Ukraine everything is obvious. And here comes the last trick. They just deny. A scammer will never accept she is a scammer. Whatever you find out about her. Once we showed a man his girlfriend kissing passionately another man. With lips and tongue. He confronted her. She told him it was her beloved cousin and it is a usual kissing between cousins. And you know what, he believed her. The scammer know one thing – more obvious the lie is, easier they can convince that it is the truth.

Sometimes men just can’t believe that a girl who has written him so many warm words of love can be a fake. They will introduce you to their parents, accept your engagement ring, meet your family, plan future wedding. Who will care about the details after that? Who will see the lies so close and obvious? This is what happened with one  of my client. He ended up scammed and frustrated trying to punish the girl who scammed him, his parents and his belief in women.

By the way, never try to punish a scammer legally. You will spend years of useless efforts. I have never heard of a successful result. Just quit and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Take care guys, and check the woman before opening your heart and your wallet for her.

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