Retire in Ukraine

Recently I receive letters from people who consider retiring in Ukraine. The main questions are how expensive is life in Ukraine and if their retirement money will be enough to have a comfortable life here.
If we speak about not a very large city I will take Nikolaev as an example. It is pretty big but cosy and compact and has all conditions for comfortable living. Let’s start with accommodation.
You can rent a good flat, furnished with all conveniences and appliances, for a price beginning with $200 a month and for $500 a month you will have luxurious apartments in the centre (the price includes utilities).
A litre of petrol – 80c.
A bottle of vodka – $2
A pint of beer – 50c.
A bottle of wine – $3
A loaf of bread – 25c.
A kilo of potatoes – 20c
A kilo of pork – $2.50
A kilo of apples – 50c
A meal in a trendy restaurant – $50
A meal in a cafe – $5-10
A coffee in a cafe – 70c-80c
A Big Mac in McDonald’s – 80c
A ticket to the cinema $2
A ride on a bus – 15c.
A taxi ride – $1
A bunch of flowers – $10
A visit to a doctor – $5
A filling of a tooth at the dentist – $20
A massage – $5-20
A prostitute – $20-80

Enjoy your life in Ukraine!

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A new con from the scammers

Hi guys, many of you have profiles on free Ukrainian dating sites. There are lots of women and they are mostly real. However this is a lucrative place for gold-diggers. There are many types of scam they can offer, bur here is the recent one. Surfing the dating site you come across a stunning lady with lots of photos and very tempting status. The residence of the girl is Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka or other parts of Ukraine occupied by Russian terrorist troops. She will show you her interest and genuine commitment. Then she will tell you how bad it is to live among those gangsters. Of course you can ask her to leave those regions and come to you in any safe place. But she will tell you a story about some loan which she needs to pay otherwise she won’t be allowed to leave her city. Or she will just tell you that she doesn’t have money to pay for her ticket. Or any other sad story. She will tell you to send money to her sister, granny, mom, friend to Kiev, Borispol, Nikolaev etc. because there is no possibility to send it directly to her. And then the money will be transferred to her by train, bus, tank, pigeon etc.


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You need to be well-off to have a woman from Ukraine

I receive dozens of letters from you guys every day asking for help to find a fine Ukrainian woman to marry. You need to understand one thing. Women here are not as desperate to leave Ukraine to live in a rented room in a crowded American city or feed pigs on a remote American farm. I am sure you are all looking for a lady of high visual and mental standards. As I always mention, such women are of a high demand here in Ukraine, so you need to offer her something more than your open heart and a modest hut. She will definitely need comfort, living in sufficiency and being sure she and your children are getting good medical service, education and care. 

Can’t you offer her a well-off life? Forget about it. Or lower your standards. And guys, if my services are too expensive for you it means that having a fine Ukrainian lady is expensive for you either. Sorry.

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Check the woman in Ukraine

At the moment you decided to find a real Ukrainian woman using dating agencies services, you come in sight of numerous scammers and you are in danger of wasting your time, money and peace of mind.

With all its possibilities and advantages online dating is the most popular place for Ukrainian gold-diggers to scam men pulling on their heartstrings. Thousands of beautiful, sexy, hot Ukrainian chicks are looking at you from the pages of the dating sites. However you can’t guess what tricks they have for you.

First off all you can never be sure that the stunning Ukrainian girl on the photo in the dating profile is the same person you correspond with. If there is no video-chat, you might be corresponding with a bald ugly block good at writing sentimental letters. This is a very popular scam so before going on with women on the photos make sure you have checked their identities.

A lot of Ukrainian and Russian girls on dating sites can be involved in dating business. It means they are not quite interested in getting married. Their main task is to keep you on the site as long as possible with all those pay-per-letter services and paid video-chats. It is very important to be sure that the girl doesn’t work for the agency and really wants to get married to a foreigner.

There are a lot of beautiful, sexy Ukrainian and Russian girls on agency sites who not only earn on your letters. Their main interest is to “hook” the guy and make him send money, presents, jewelry etc. directly to them. We constantly get requests from men who have spent thousands of dollars on scammers and got zero result. All those girls make up pitiful stories about their miserable lives, ill grannies, starving children etc. Before sending money, check their backgrounds, being in the scam-lists and reliability of their stories. That will save you a lot of money.

Sometimes women use a lot of Photoshop on their pictures. We have some stories when people arrived in Ukraine and couldn’t recognize the woman, because the difference between the photo and the real person was significant. It is very easy to get real photos. We can deliver flowers to the Lady and make photos proving the delivery.

Everybody lies. Your lady may be real and willing to marry you. But sometimes she may hide information which can be crucial for making decision to marry her. Her real age, children, lovers, criminal records, illnesses can come as a surprise for you. You’d better know about everything before you get married.

Nowadays if a woman is online it’s unlikely that she doesn’t have a profile on one or more social websites. It is very easy to find out at least some things having lady’s profile on fb. But there are also many other social websites for Russian speaking people you have no idea about. Sometimes women hide their name so you can’t find them using an ordinary search. Online checks are one of the services you need to ask for.

How can you understand that this Ukrainian girl is real and sincere? Does she really like you? Does she want to leave her country and family for a faraway place? Is she interested in you or in your money? It’s sometimes hard to understand unless you are not a psychologist. A good psychologist can give you the answers to these questions having studied your psychological portraits and samples of your correspondence.

We have been doing such checks for 5 years. The records show that 9 of 10 women are worth being checked. It really can save a lot money and time.

You can choose the options you need from our services list:

  1. Gift&Flowers check

That’s the easiest one. If you have woman’s address and telephone number we will deliver a bouquet of flowers or a present to her and make a photo of her with your presents. Thus you will check the reliability of the information you have about her and you will see her photo with no Photoshop on it. Such a check is a good thing if all you need to check is her address and telephone. However it will tell you nothing about her background, being a scammer and intentions.


Cost of delivery to any place in Ukraine except some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk regions: $40 + cost of present


  1. Information search (online)

Nowadays if the person isn’t online she doesn’t exist. In many cases all you know about the girl you are communicating on the agency site is her first name, age, the city and some other facts. And she says that due to some rules of the agency you can’t have her direct contact details, Skype, phone, address etc. And you get her details only after you visit her in Ukraine at the agency’s office. Coming to a girl from another part of the world having no idea what her email address is? No. We can find any traces of her being on the internet. Dating sites profiles, social sites profiles, Skype, emails, her presence on her friend’s pictures. You can do it by yourself. You can spend hours and days surfing the net and have no results. Most of the time girls like that hide their profiles; they have profiles with fake names, hidden photos and only for friends’ access to the information. And you have no idea about the most of local sites she can be on.  But we know how to search quickly and effectively. We can find all the information she has online.

Cost of online information search: $60


  1. Information search (footwork)

When you can’t find enough information about your woman online, the only way to find it out is to go to the town she lives and look for her with the pieces of information you have. This is the most difficult task. But as a result you get the clear understanding of the woman to be real. Our agents can find her address, contact details, photos. And this service is the most expensive.

Cost of information search (footwork) in Ukraine except some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk regions: $200 + from $100 to $300 operational costs (depends on the city).

  1. Background check

Providing you have the details of your woman, but you are not sure about her background, family details, marital status, personal affairs (having a boyfriend or lover), criminal background, check any other information she gave you to see if she lies or she is honest.  No problem with such a check.

Cost of Background check: $100 to $300 (depends on the number of details you want to clear up).

  1. Scam check

There are lots of scammers databases and scammer lists online. They can be free but many of them charge fees for checking. We can check if your woman is in one them.

Cost of a Scam check: $30


  1. Intentions’ check


So you have all the details of the woman you are going to visit. But how will you know that she is really interested in you. We have our methods to find it out. Here we involve our psychologists. We study carefully your story, samples of your correspondence. In some cases we can even provoke the woman to see if she has serious intentions or she is just playing with the man.

Cost of Intentions’ check: $70

We guaranty that a woman will never know she is checked and we strongly recommend not informing your woman about the check as it can offend her.

We accept payment by Western Union or Moneygram transactions.

Contact us for the first free consulting:


Skype: englishmasters

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Free first consulting on any question you have about the dating in Ukraine.


– want to find a real Ukrainian woman but don’t know what to start with

– want to check if the woman you are corresponding with is real

– need help in Ukraine with accommodation, transportation, translation, guiding

– have a lot of questions about agencies, scammers and private affairs

– need any other assistance in Ukraine

Feel free to contact me for a free consulting – Skype englishmasters

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Racism and xenophobia in one of Nikolaev cafes

Hi guys, if you ever been to Nikolaev in Ukraine you are bound to know “Sotka” shop and “Sotka” bar inside it. It is situated in the very centre of Nikolaev and most of the arrangements to meet in the centre are made outside “Sotka”. The bar is popular as they smoke there (which is prohibited by the law in Ukraine). The meals are so-so and often of spoiled products. People usually go there for a coffee with a cigarette or some alcohol.

But now it is famous for it’s weird face control. The owner of the bar was once offended by a Turk. They say his wife got laid with him. So now any person of not Slavic appearance might be denied to be served and this is even written on their menu. Of course this is a criminal offence in Ukraine, but the owner is a former mp and has influential friends. Right now this story went public on the TV and online. There is hope the owner will be punished.

So if you are against the racism stay clear of “Sotka”.

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How to find a real Ukrainian woman if you are a busy person. Hire a personal agent.

If you want to find a real Ukrainian woman as a life partner you need the following:

  1. Money. Not millions, but make sure you can provide your future Ukrainian wife with things she didn’t have in Ukraine. If she leaves her beautiful country, friends, relatives she can expect to have a better life overseas. Of course there is something we call love, but you need to realize that a woman who is looking for a foreign husband has already experienced this feeling and can consider it only as a part of the relationship. So if you are not well-off by the standards of your country you’d better stop. However, if you have a particular source of income like $1000 a month you can come and stay in Ukraine. In cities like Nikolaev you’ll be a pretty well-to-do gentleman and will attract women. Oh, yes, and you will definitely need a lot of money for the search, trips to Ukraine, presents, visa, marriage and other expenses.
  2. You need to be realistic. It must be clear in what woman you want. More the age difference between you is more complicated, time-demanding and expensive the search will be. Do you want a model type stunning young girl? Magic happens sometimes, be ready to compete for her and offer her something more. And as the practice shows, the most successful are those guys who estimate their chances sensibly.
  3. You need time. OK, it seems easy when you are with the agency site and every stunning girl from their shop window promises a true love. What I say, forget the agencies, they are scam and full of the gold diggers who will empty your pockets and your hopes. Want to be one of those frustrated blocks with sad eyes? No? leave the agencies. Real ladies are on free dating sites, social sites and in the cities sometimes not online. Let’s list it again: 1 – free dating sites (mamba and others. 2 – social network (vk as an example). 3 Printed an Internet adverts (sometimes they work). 4 Physical presence in Ukraine (just pick them up in the streets, cafes, clubs. So you need to start a dozen of profiles, be online every day, look through thousands of profiles (which are in Russian most of the time), communicate, answer lots of questions (which are in Russian most of the time), be aware of scammers (you can meet them everywhere) and many other tasks and duties. Not everybody has that time to spend in front of the screen.

And here we offer our assistance to conduct the search for you and save your time and money doing it professionally and cutting the risks of being scammed.

Firstly, we act on behalf of the man not the woman. We support his interests and don’t have ready “women for sale”. Before starting the search we estimate man’s chances. We analyse chances for success and give recommendations what kind of women to look for to be successful as well as give you the clear picture of how likely it is to find a woman of your current demands.  We carefully study the case to see what ways of the search will be the most appropriate and where it is better to search.

If you want to conduct the search by yourself we can create your profiles on free local dating websites where you can find real women looking for real relations, not the agency girls. And on Russian speaking social networks where you can communicate with lots of real women. These profiles will be done to be maximum attractive for the Ladies. You will also be given instructions how to operate these profiles and advised how to stay clear of scammers.

If you want us to carry out the search on your behalf and try to find the ladies of your demands and preferences this is the other part of the service. We conduct a full range of search. It usually takes from 1 to 3 months after which you are introduced a list of real women of your demands who like you, are keen to get married and are sincere and genuine.

So what you have ordering this service:

– no need to spend your time online

– no worries about scammers

– no additional expenses for pay-per-letter communication or translation services

– no need to send presents and answer money begging letters

– scam free list of ladies of your demands at the end of the search

– planned trip to meet the selected girls you would like to consider to be your future wife

– our further assistance during your stay in Ukraine

Not bad, isn’t it?

Will be glad to answer your questions so don’t hesitate and contact us.

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