A con with prostitutes in Ukraine


Hi guys. I have a very informative story for you. It will help you avoid scammers and secure your money.

A young men from Europe, let’s call him Michael, contacted my friend’s Skype asking to help with finding a girl for the night. The friend sent him a link to the first site he could find online full of offers. But nobody could speak English there so my friend agreed to translate for Michael.
He chose a girl and asked her “promoter” to bring her to his place. The pimp wanted Michael to pay 3000 hrn in advance. And he refused to receive it in cash saying that it was dangerous and he didn’t want the police to catch him. Michael was told to pay the money on the mobile phone account using a payment terminal. They are everywhere in the city. It was quite late so Michael didn’t want to go out and as the pimp refused flatly to accept cash after bringing the girl, the young man decided to transfer money online.  Yet he had problems with online transactions and it took several hours to make it. While he was trying the pimp kept calling being very insistent, pressing and urgent. He just wouldn’t stop talking trying to be both friendly and bossy. Of course everything was happening through the interpreter (he was on the phone with both of them in another city and he could do little) who at one moment was ready to pay his own money but luckily didn’t have enough on his account.
After the money was paid the pimp called and started complaining that his accounts got blocked because Michael had used some suspicious ways of payment. So no money on his account, no girl in Michael’s flat.
At this point you might think both my friend and Michael should have realized that they had been cheated. No way, they had not the ghost of a suspicion. The conman had stuffed their heads with so much bullshit, that next night Michael went to the payment terminal to pay another 3000. And guess what? As soon as he paid the pimp stopped answering the phone.
Well, you can say that the both guys are stupid to be taken in by such an obvious con. But don’t rush to judge them. The scam is on the following.

Imagine a Ukrainian prison where inmates have nothing to do but can have a lot of mobile phones with different sim-cards. During the years they become experienced and skilled psychologists who can play on peoples’ feelings, vices, weaknesses as well as on their kindness and virtues.
Those crafty conmen create dozens of ways to deceive people using the Internet and a mobile phone. One of such ways was to create a site with pictures of naked beauties (the pictures are taken from the Internet), put some fake data and pricing and wait for calls. And here you are, in two days one man lost 6000 hryvnas and a lot of his time.
And of course nobody will be prosecuted, as what Michael did was illegal. He can’t go to the police saying “I was trying to hook a whore but the cheated me”.
So guys, stay away from anything that sounds fishy and don’t switch off your mind.

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The cost of living in Ukraine. All the prices.

Hello guys, here is a very nice site for those who travel to Ukraine. You can find out about the prices and the cost of living. This link is for Nikolaev, you can explore other cities of Ukraine as well. This will help to skip scamming to be ware of real state of things in here and not overpay for usual goods and services.


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Top 5 Ukrainian resorts for summer 2017

So you are in Ukraine. Hot summer days with hot Ukrainian women are here and you don’t want to waste your time on scammers and dull places. The life moves to the Southern regions – to the Black and Azov sea. Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv are not a place of interest now. Go for fun to the Black sea resorts where wild and sexy night life is mixed with calm and warm sea. Here is the chart of the must-visit places in Ukraine to have some unforgettable time and emotions.

  1. Odessa
    In Summer Odessa becomes the capital of Ukraine. This is the busiest place with all conveniences. Lots of nightclubs, trendy bars and restaurants, classy shops, sandy beaches (many of them are тгвшые) and beautiful historical down-town. If you want to impress your woman, take her to Odessa. If you want to find a hot girl, go to Odessa. If you want to spend a lot of money with pleasure, visit Odessa.
    Prices for
    a hotel room: from $15 to 300
    a hostel: from $6 to 25
    a private apartment: from $8 to 150
    an average lunch check in a cafe or canteen:  $4 per person
    an average lunch check in a restaurant: $30 per person
    You can also visit Odessa region’s resorts which are close to the city such as Zatoka and Chernomorsk.
  2. Koblevo
    This is another centre of the Summer life for people from all over Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia. A small resort hosts hundreds of thousands people every summer. The night life is wild, the beaches are full of girls. Night clubs offer crazy parties every night. Alcohol is everywhere. Everybody is tipsy and friendly.  You will find a lot of things to entertain yourself at the day time as well. It is not a place you should visit with your woman, it is a place you should visit to find a woman and more than one.
    accommodation: from $5 to 100 per person
    an average lunch check in a cafe or canteen:  $5 per person
    an average lunch check in a restaurant: $30 per person
    You can also visit other resorts close to Koblevo such as Rybakovka and Chernomorka.
  3. Skadovsk
    This is a wonderful place for a family rest. If you want a quiet time with children and you need  warm and calm sea it is your choice. Very reasonable prices for everything, shallow see, good choice of entertainment, see rides. It is also a good place for sanitation as the air is enriched with oxygen, ozone, salts of bromine, chlorine and iodine.
    accommodation: from $2 to 25 per person
    an average lunch check in a cafe or canteen:  $3 per person
    an average lunch check in a restaurant: $15 per person
  4. Lazurne
    An inexpensive family and youth resort on the Black Sea coast. It has a
    developed infrastructure for children and adults, beautiful environment, excursions and entertainment. Prices for holidays in Lazurne and their availability are surprising for several seasons, housing here can be rented very inexpensively. Due to the shallow sea, clean sandy bottom, special southern micro-climate and a huge number of sunny days Lazurne resort is also convenient for children’s recreation.
    accommodation: from $2 to 20 per person
    an average lunch check in a cafe or canteen:  $3 per person
    an average lunch check in a restaurant: $15 per person
  5. Kinburn Spit
    This is the most exotic place for a summer rest. It is a national park with wonderful environment, clean sea, green forests, salty lakes wild life. This is a spit that goes straight into the open sea. You can get there by boat from Ochakiv and stay either in very comfortable hotels or in inexpensive private sector. Beaches are not crowded. You can watch dolphins, catch fish, ride horses. It is a very romantic place to take your woman to. Nothing but you two and the nature. Stay nude, make love on the beach, do anything you want. No clubs, no big stores, no noise. You will enjoy it a lot. 

    accommodation: from $10 to 50 per person
    an average lunch check in a cafe or canteen:  $8 per person

    So this is just a short look of where you can go in Summer in Ukraine. If you need any assistance or further advice, feel free to contact us. You can have our “Best friend” service, or trip planning, whatever. We will be happy to make your stay in Ukraine comfortable and safe!

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Top 5 things Ukraine is worth dealing with

Hi guys, for many of you Ukraine is famous for its war with Russia and dating scammers. However, it has much more virtues than vices. So let’s see why it is worth visiting and dealing with.

  1. No doubt the top place is for beautiful Ukrainian women. They are caring, loving, family oriented, house-proud and hot! If you marry a genuine Ukrainian woman you will have a tidy house, delicious home-cooked meals, happy children, strong backing and perfect sex.
  2. The second rank is for Ukrainian food and meals. Ukraine is that rare island in Europe where you can find delicious, organic, not modified produce for very cheap price. With natural smells and tastes and local authentic delicious cuisine. You will not need food additives, flavour enhancers, catchup, mayonnaise etc. to enjoy organic qualities of Ukrainian products.
  3. Medical care. Do you know why Ukrainians who live far from their country come from the US, Canada or Australia to visit their dentists in Ukraine? They are of very high quality with up-to-date equipment, with no-pain treatment and they cost 10, 20, 30 times less than those in the western countries. Some fields of medical services (not all of them of course) are of high standards and much cheaper.
  4. Great business opportunities. Ukraine has unlimited opportunities to start businesses which will return on the investments in very short terms. You can expect 30, 40 or even 100 percent return on every invested dollar in a year. Of course such opportunities are connected with great risks. But those who don’t risk don get a lot. So you will need a good business advisor or a local partner to start or co-found something in Ukraine.
  5. IT industry in Ukraine is booming. Ukrainian IT specialists are in great demand all over the world and they are skilled and professional. If you need a good work for a reasonable price go for IT in Ukraine.
    And here I would recommend you companies such as http://projektcs.com/
    • Web sites and systems development
    • Professional program and analytic support for sellers on Amazon, Jet and eBay trading platforms
    • Program and software development of smart repricing algorithms to analyse real-time market conditions, seller performances, competitions, and targets to determine pricing sweet spot, maximizing overall profits on Amazon, eBay and Jet platforms
    In fact, if you need anything connected with IT you will be surprised by the combination of quality, promptness and pricing.
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“Best Friend” service

Hey Gents. We have a new service for you! If you are travelling to Ukraine alone having no friends and support, nobody to talk too or have some beers with, you may need someone to be a good and reliable companion for you.
This is our “Best Friend” service. It will be a person who can introduce you to the local manners, traditions and people. Your best friend will help you socialize, will be your drinking buddy and guide. You will have no problems attending a social event, party, meeting new women, going for night “adventures”. Your Best Friend can be even your best man at your wedding in Ukraine. You will never waste your money and time meeting wrong people, dating scammers, going to overpriced places, paying more for transportation, housing, meals and other services.
With your Best Friend you will feel yourself confident, safe, well-informed, amused and you will never be scammed as your Best Friend will give you best advice on women. So have fun, meet women, take everything easy and rely on your Best Friend.

For more details write to pafromua@yahoo.com or leave a comment with your email address.

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2017 Services and Prices

– First consulting – free

– Guide & Interpreter – $15-25 p/h (depends on occasion) ($100 per day)

– Hidden interpreter service 25 p/h

– Written translation – $5-10 per letter (depends on content)

– Translation of letters – $100 per month for 2 persons

– Phone translation – $5 per phone call

– Trip planning – $150

– Legal advice – $50 p/h

– Airport “Borisipol” pick up – $40 (taxi + interpreter)

– Accommodation booking – $40 per booking

– Flowers & Gifts delivery – $40 for delivery + flowers’ price

– Transportation reservation – $10 for one reservation

– Russian classes – $15 per class

Women check:

  • Flash check and consulting – $50
  • Online information research + conclusion – $100
  • Intentions check – $100
  • Background check (identity, family, criminal, possessions, residence) – $150
  • Surveillance and fact check (footwork + video and photo surveillance) – from $500

– Woman search (matchmaking):

  • Chance estimation – $50
  • Profiles setting and search preparations – $150
  • Full range search – $1200 to start + $1500-2000 finder’s fee after the successful result (depends on the search time and conditions)
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Quick scam test. Check if your Ukrainian woman is a scammer.

Hello Gentlemen. We have been working hard together with our psychologists and dating experts. And now our team is about to complete an App for men called “Dating Scam Meter”. It will help you to spot and test for dating scams online.

There are a lot of ways to check if you are being scammed by your Ukrainian girlfriend, if she is real, genuine, sincere and has real feelings and true intentions towards you. This app consists of a list of questions about you and your girlfriend. As soon as we have the answers they will be processed immediately and you will be given the full conclusion on her.

You will not just get the result weather she is a scammer or not. You will get the full description. For every question you will get annotations and clarifications. Thus you will soon study to identify scammers by yourself. That is a wonderful opportunity to stop wasting your time on women that aren’t worth it.

Now we are testing the content of the app an and if you want to check your girlfriend briefly you can do it for free. Just leave a comment “+” under this entry and we will send you the questionnaire.



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